3 Things to Help You Burn More Body Fat

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Well burning belly fat is going to be difficult any way you slice it. I’m not going to sit here and lie to you about that. The thing about fat is, we have no choice on where fat is removed from our body unless we’re using a scalpel.  So we want to teach our body as best we can to burn a higher amount of fat overall. When your body burns an overall higher level of fat, chances are you’re hitting the belly too. Here are a few things that are a must for anyone trying to lose body fat.

  1. Cut the Alcohol. Not only do people eat more junk when drinking alcohol, but the sugars and empty carbohydrates associated with alcohol are quickly utilized as energy and reduces the likelihood of other sources being used. That leaves all the remaining calories to be stored. Alcohol dehydrates the body and puts an extra burden on the liver and kidneys. Overall Alcohol slows metabolic function and should be eliminated if your goal is to lose body fat.
  2. Diets don’t work. Everyone is looking for a quick fix and typically it’s the latest FAD diet. Unfortunately when a person finishes the diet they tend to go right back to the way they were eating before and this leads right back to the same body weight as before. The key to losing weight and body fat is to change your lifestyle. Change the way you eat overall and you will not only change your body, losing fat and losing weight, but you’ll also keep it off in the long run.
  3. Eat more protein. Protein is essential for anyone trying to lose body fat. Not only does protein take longer to digest which keeps you full for a longer period of time, but it has a high metabolic cost. Lean meats, beans and dairy are all good sources of protein. Protein is essential for muscle gains and it’s those muscle gains that will help you burn extra calories and shed extra body fat over the long term.

By Rich Thurman, B.Sc., MA, CSCS, CPT.
With a Bachelors degree in Physiological Science from UCLA a Masters in Sports Management from The University of San Francisco, Rich has over 10 years of experience in General Health Fitness & Fat loss, Sports Performance & Movement, Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation. Rich is a health & performance coach and personal trainer for Active Lifestyle Co. Ltd in Bangkok.


About Rich Thurman III B.Sc, MA, CSCS, NSCA-CPT
Rich has a Bachelors of Science in Physiological Science from UCLA and a Masters of Sports Management from USF. He is certified by the National Strength & Conditioning Association, (NSCA) as a Personal Trainer (CPT) and Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). He is primary author of The Fitness Library and writes for various other publications, including the San Francisco Police Officer's Association. Rich is the founder of Xodus Fitness, which offers Fitness Consulting & Personal Training, Urban Body Transformation Bootcamps, Corporate Wellness. Rich also conducts Workshops and an annual lecture at the San Francisco State University Kinesiology Department. Please feel free to contact through any of the links below to inquire about professional services or opportunities.

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