Flatten your Tummy with these 4 Foods

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Everyone is looking for the miracle product that will flatten out their stomach. Diets and supplements promise you a flatter tummy and often leave you feeling like you wasted your money and time. In the end it’s really about lifestyle. It’s about how you fuel your body that will translate into your body’s overall performance. If you drive a Ferrari, would you put the lowest grade of gasoline in it? I don’t think so, so if you want your body to look and feel like the body you’ve always dreamed of, then why are you filling it with low grade food fuels? For a little upgrade in your body’s fuel source, try out these four foods to help you get that flat tummy. Read more of this post


Dangers of Soy Products

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They say soy is good for you but there are two sides to every coin. Soy has been marketed to us as this healthy product with a great source of protein. In particular for women and vegetarians soy has been touted as a great alternative to cow’s milk. However, some people tend to disagree with this notion and based on the information that I have read and researched I tend to lean against soy products as well. In the end you are the master of your own destiny. I encourage you however to consider looking deeper into your health choices.

The following are quoted bits of a nexus article from Third international Soy Symposium. Soy Contains: Read more of this post

My Active Weekend Episode 2

My Active weekend of August 21st began Saturday on the Rock Wall of the Racquet Club on Sukhumvit Soi 49. We had a blast as a great group of people showed up to participate. The weekend was topped off with Salsa on Saturday night followed by Sunday afternoon at Elefin Cafe in Bangkok for some hot and steamy Bachata dancing with my gorgeous new Korean friend who was just in town for the weekend (Bachata is my first love). I must take a trip back to Korea as there seems to be a lot of great Latin dancers there. Although it doesn’t compare to the choreographed “Sensual Bachata” check out the link below to watch my hot social Bachata dance. The heat from watching it alone should be enough to help you burn some extra calories today.

Why You Should Choose Cottage Cheese over Cream Cheese? (via Bangkok Personal Trainer)

I just had dinner with a friend who pointed out my usage of cottage cheese to top my potato. No problem there, but the problem arises when I mistakenly stated that I used it instead of cream cheese. Who in the world uses cream cheese on a potato? Sour cream maybe, but cream cheese? My bad…Correction noted.

Why You Should Choose Cottage Cheese over Cream Cheese? Why choose cottage cheese over cream cheese you ask? Well I’ve put together the chart below to show you the clear differences between the two. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a world of difference in our goals to lose body fat or maintain weight. As a Health & Performance Coach it is my job to find solutions. Cream Cheese Cottage Cheese Cal … Read More

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Bangkok Personal Trainer recruits Health Habits against BKK Fatty et. al.

I must say that I’ve been following this thread on twitter and there are some awesome tidbits about health and fitness. Daily I find loads of useful information from Health Habits so I just wanted to share this resource with the rest of you. In the constant struggle against the Fat friendly crew of of BKKFatty and their “no leftovers team” it was necessary to enlist the support of another health giant. Check out some of these posts from Health Habits.

Childhood Obesity

Low Carb Beats Low Fat Once Again

Slamming Summer Salmon

Doctors Ignore Obesity

Rich’s Training Log 1

This week I’m setting out to work on my overall strength. Sometimes you have to sacrifice one thing for another and when training for strength you have to set aside the idea of fat lossand not even consider weight. As long as you’re eating healthy any weight you add will probably be good lean weight during this type of phase. Sometimes people don’t have the patience for actual strength training, but if you’ve ever trained for strength you know that you have to allow decent rest periods.

Some personal trainers will constantly keep you on the go, preaching weight loss, fat loss and the only way to get the results that you want is through high intensity training, but the body needs to go through multiple phases in order to achieve good results. As I mentioned in my article about whole grains, cycles in nature required humans to eat a certain way during certain times of year. On the same token, the body must go through cycles or phases not only to keep it off balance and constantly guessing, but also to keep it growing and stimulated in different ways. Read more of this post

Whole Grains; Can I Eat them Daily?

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Pertaining to Fat Loss:

Drinking Beer = Bad

Drinking Low Carb Beer = Less Bad?

Just a followup on my previous assault on whole grains. I wanted to tackle the topic a little bit more because the topic of something being “not as bad” for you has come up. Honestly, I try not to live in a realm of “not as bad” when it comes to my health. I mean smoking a pack of cigarettes per day is bad, but should you consider smoking half a pack per day to be “not as bad”. Well in the grand scheme of things you would think that it’s not as bad, but the point is that it’s still harmful. Read more of this post

Increase Fiber for Fat Loss (via Bangkok Personal Trainer)

If you missed this post you may want to look back and have a look at how fiber impacts fat loss. Most people don’t consume enough fiber each day and as a result are not only subject to an increase in body fat, but an increased risk of cancer and heart disease.

So you’ve been working out at the gym for months now; you’ve increased your protein intake and you’ve been doing cardio like a madman or woman, but you’re still not getting the fat loss results that you desire. This is happening to countless people around the world as they strive for that dream body and those six pack abs. As a personal trainer living in Bangkok I can’t tell you how many people tell me that they want to lose inches around their m … Read More

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Obesity Growing in AsiaPart 1; A Global Problem

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Have you ever had your body fat tested? Do you realize that just because you’re small or because you’re smaller than most people and look slim that you still may have unhealthy levels of body fat?

I live in Asia so it’s only right that I discuss the issues facing my country of residence. I have not forgotten my American roots, but the epidemic that was once only an American issue is now a pandemic. Obesity is on the rise globally and where there’s an inferno blazing out of control in the United States, Asia is smoking. But where there is smoke there is fire right? Read more of this post

Less Stress, Lose Fat & Maintain Muscle (via Bangkok Personal Trainer)

Are you stressed on a daily basis from your job? From your relationships? Due to financial problems? Everyone deals with stress in a different way, but the chemical response in the body has a direct impact on your overall health, fat loss and ability to lose weight.

Less Stress, Lose Fat & Maintain Muscle At Active Lifestyle, we often talk about stress levels and how they affect your body, health and overall fitness gains or fat loss. Stress is a serious roadblock to most gains both physically and internally. When your body is under stress, it tends to react neurologically in ways that can affect our fat loss or muscle gains, strength gains as well as mood and energy levels. Usually people talk about the release of cortisol during stressful situat … Read More

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