Going Against The Grain; 10 Reasons to Give Up Grains

Whole Grain Bread

Image by Baha'i Views / Flitzy Phoebie via Flickr

The Battle for food superiority has begun. The debate is on and the fight is in full swing. The funding is behind the big boys…The industry that cultivates, distributes and sells grains versus those of us on the preventative health side of things. I’ve read article after article on both sides of this fence and I have come to the conclusion based on how I feel after cutting grains from my diet.

Sure I have the occasional bread or oats once a week. But I feel a definite difference in my body when I do. Bloating, cramps, tightness in the midsection, hip flexors are just a few ways I’m directly impacted.  I just read an article stating that people are writing about eliminating whole grains for financial gain. Where’s the financial gain in that I’m wondering? Sure going against the grain can net you higher readership and maybe some advertising, but not nearly as much as the industry itself is willing to invest in research and development, articles and support in order to keep pushing their multi-billion dollar machine.

At the end of the day, what you decide is up to you, but I can’t stress enough how unimportant whole grains are to your life if you are eating enough fruits and vegetables. Think about it. For the millions of years that we have been in existence, eating fruits from trees, plants from the ground, we never needed to process food in order to consume it. As a species we’ve lasted much longer on whole foods than we have existed on all of these processed options. Don’t get me wrong, medicine has allowed us to live longer, but to simply believe that grains are somehow the solution for fat loss, heart disease, cholesterol, etc is just preposterous.  What are we giving up for this gain? In one hand low cholesterol and in the other digestive issues and a myriad of other negatives.  More vegetables, more vegetables, more vegetables…I can’t express that enough…

Follow this link to have a look at 10 Reasons to Give Up Grains


About Rich Thurman III B.Sc, MA, CSCS, NSCA-CPT
Rich has a Bachelors of Science in Physiological Science from UCLA and a Masters of Sports Management from USF. He is certified by the National Strength & Conditioning Association, (NSCA) as a Personal Trainer (CPT) and Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). He is primary author of The Fitness Library and writes for various other publications, including the San Francisco Police Officer's Association. Rich is the founder of Xodus Fitness, which offers Fitness Consulting & Personal Training, Urban Body Transformation Bootcamps, Corporate Wellness. Rich also conducts Workshops and an annual lecture at the San Francisco State University Kinesiology Department. Please feel free to contact through any of the links below to inquire about professional services or opportunities.

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