Facebook Debate; Should You Eat Whole Grains

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Facebook seems to be the center of all human communication at the moment. The combination of Facebook, Twitter, Youtubve and the blogosphere seem to make up the top of the list when it comes to the internet these days. So my articles are syndicated throughout the internet and they are meant to raise questions and debate. Fitness and Health is my passion and I want to share it with the world. So I blog my knowledge and research and send it to various local publications including magazines like Traverse the Orient.

Facebook friends generally don’t make up the vast majority of readership, but occasionally the debate is sparked, the fuse is lit, the hammer is cocked back and BAM! Off we go on a topic and it’s great because this creates a public forum of opinions and in the end helps people to look differently at things that they may not have considered. Quinoa has been a big hit, but recently my assault on “Whole Grains” has sparked the interest of a long time friend. I decided to share this debate with you readers as it was too much to let go to waste deep within the walls of Facebook. So without further ado, here is what set things off…The comment made by Monica

Monica Brown rice is good, fiber fiber fiber πŸ˜€

Rich Thurman No it’s not, not, not. There is fiber in brown rice and it is a better alternative to white rice, but the best sources of fiber are whole foods. (fruits, vegetables) stay away from the grains and your body
will feel better. Refer to my recen…t article on the whole grain myth.

MonicaI eat lots of carb including whole grains and still not gaining any weight. And I don’t work out either. I believe eating a well balanced diet including the right kind of carbs is the key to staying at a healthy weight. Also only eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full. Just my 2 cents πŸ˜‰

Rich Thurman Well Monica, last time I checked you were quite thin in general, but mostpeople are not. Whether you put on weight or not is not the point. For thevast majority of people, grains including whole grains don’t have a positive affect on their …body systems, functions or weight and fat levels. I’m notgoing to debate about your two cents as the research contradicts yourstatements for most people. Well balanced diet including the “right kind of carbs” is important. However, grains are simply a filler and serve no real purpose. Until human beings were able to refine grains they served nopurpose in the millions of years of our development as a species. I could goon and on, but you’re better off just reading some of my other posts andthen checking through the links to other supporting articles and evidence. Grains were only produced and marketed in mass to fill the bellies of thepoor masses around the world.

Monica http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/what-should-you-eat/health-gains-from-whole-grains/index.html

Rich Thurman You can send these types of sources all you want, but the bottom line is that these research institutes receive billions of dollars to support the marketing claims for products. The bottom line is you can get all the nutrients, vitamins and… insoluble fiber from real “whole” foods. The term whole grain is a misnomer as “Whole Grain” would suggest that you keep the germ and grain in tact. But they have pulverized the grain making it “easier” to digest. However, cereals and things that these grains are made into have to be refortified with synthetic nutrients. “Whole” food would be fruits and vegetables. These foods need no processing to consume. Apples contain all the soluble fiber you need to maintain digestive health. No need for whole grains to do that. The fact that they mislead people into believing that whole grains are the cure for all your needs is BS. Whole grains are better than the alternative “refined grain” products, but that doesn’t mean they are good for you. That’s like saying Smoking is bad for you but smoke the light cigarette because it’s less bad.

Video on the process of Grains (8:35min definition of a whole grain)


Should I Eat Whole Grains Every Day? Dr. Joel Furhman M.D

Definition of Whole Grains (notice whole grains can be sprouted, how about your bread?)

Whole grains are cereal grains that contain germ, endosperm, and bran, in contrast to refined grains, which retain only the endosperm. Wholegrains can generally be sprouted while refined grains generally will not sprout. Wholemeal products are made from wholegrain flour. Grains are a natural source of growth like seeds. Grains are also a source of carbohydrates for humans and are found in foods such as Cereals, pancakes and pikelets.


About Rich Thurman III B.Sc, MA, CSCS, NSCA-CPT
Rich has a Bachelors of Science in Physiological Science from UCLA and a Masters of Sports Management from USF. He is certified by the National Strength & Conditioning Association, (NSCA) as a Personal Trainer (CPT) and Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). He is primary author of The Fitness Library and writes for various other publications, including the San Francisco Police Officer's Association. Rich is the founder of Xodus Fitness, which offers Fitness Consulting & Personal Training, Urban Body Transformation Bootcamps, Corporate Wellness. Rich also conducts Workshops and an annual lecture at the San Francisco State University Kinesiology Department. Please feel free to contact through any of the links below to inquire about professional services or opportunities.

One Response to Facebook Debate; Should You Eat Whole Grains

  1. Linda says:

    I stumbled on this regarding soaking brown rice for 24 hours to increase it’s mineral availability. So if I understand it correctly, if one is eating brown rice, you can make it better for you by soaking first.
    I’ve switched over to red & black rice which I’ve started to soak.

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