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He Lost 120lbs & So Can You

What does it take to reach your goals? How long does it take to lose the weight you desire to lose? What are you willing to do to reach those goals and how much will you invest in yourself, your health and your life?

I love being a personal trainer because I get the chance to watch you change your life…I have the unique opportunity to help you overcome your battles with food, weight and body image.  The reason I asked these questions above is because while some people are doing it, others are simply wishing and hoping. We have an old saying where I come from and that is “Don’t talk about it. Be about it!”

The truth is that the weight that most people carry and the fat that has been gained didn’t arrive over night. So my news for you is that it’s not going to go overnight either. It’s going to take an effort, some hard work, dedication and commitment. But you can do it if you just take that first step. A wall is built one brick at a time so stop focusing on your wall and focus on each brick. You can do it!

Check out the video “My 120 pound journey”

Runner Training 101: Importance of Ecccentric Hamstring Training for Runners


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According to the conclusions of a study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine in 2006,

“Overground running (running a marathon) is associated with eccentric hamstring fatigue. Eccentric hamstring fatigue may be a potential risk factor for knee and soft tissue injuries during running. Eccentric hamstring training should therefore be introduced as an integral part of the training programme of runners.”

But what does eccentric even mean? Well, an eccentric muscle contraction is one in which the muscle is lengthening. Yes, your muscles are still contracting during the lengthening process. This contraction allows for a controlled movement during elongation.

The eccentric strength of any Read more of this post

Slim and Shape those Gluts & Thighs

Are you looking to have that shapely rear view that will have jaws dropping as you walk down the sidewalk? Well, in one of my longer pieces on this subject titled “Strong Gluts for Fat Loss and Increased Performance”, I discussed the importance of strong gluts for fat loss and overall performance gains. The gluts have been shown to Read more of this post

Barefoot Training Bangkok


Barefoot Training Vibram Five Fingers Bangkok

Barefoot Training shoes Vibram Five Fingers KSO


There is a new trend in sports training and it’s called barefoot running. Science is showing that there are many benefits and advantages to barefoot running and it may just help you get over that hurdle to your personal best.  A few pointers before I begin for safety’s sake. Like a baby you must crawl before you walk and you must walk before you run. So take a bit of caution before running out and Read more of this post

Train for a Marathon in One Day; A Personal Trainer’s take

Miracles have been known to happen, however a Marathon is nothing to take lightly. One day of training is not going to cut it, but at Active Lifestyle we can show you how to better prepare yourself for your next Marathon. With your marathon just a couple of weeks away, you should be starting to taper down your running and strength training loads. Notice, I said “Strength Training”.

Are you that runner who believes that running alone is the key to better times? Are you that runner who thinks that simply running harder is going to make you faster? Well think again. Running requires muscle power and endurance as well as technique. The only way to increase strength and power is by Read more of this post

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