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Pregnancy Didn’t Make You Fat…You Did

The key to staying fit after pregnancy is to stay fit before and throughout. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, being pregnant doesn’t give you a free pass to add unnecessary weight. Being pregnant does not give you a free pass to eat whatever you want. Contrary to popular belief, eating for two does not mean eating two portion sizes. Cravings come and cravings go, but you craving sugar and eating high glycemic foods to satisfy that craving is not the answer.

I recently wrote a publication for BAMBI Magazine entitled “You Are What You Eat” where I discuss the impact that parents have on their children and how you can start your children off on the right foot with the right foods and habits.

Fellas you’re not exempt from this. Most men put on what they call “sympathy weight” adding extra pounds around the midsection as well as activity declines and the food habits of both people begin to slip up.

No excuses ladies and gentlemen. Both sides are to blame for the unnecessary weight gain associated with many pregnancies. By unnecessary, I mean the weight in excess of recommended amounts.


  • Eat normal portions and healthy foods
  • Be encouraging not discouraging fellas (emotions play a big role in eating)
  • Get active before pregnancy and remain active throughout
  • Get active as soon as you can following pregnancy (be active together as a family. You can even workout with the baby. Check out this video entitled “Working out with baby”

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