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Getting Enough Sleep for Optimal Health?

A child sleeping.

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Sleep is typically the last thing on a person’s mind when they are thinking about their overall health and fitness, but really sleep should be the first thing. Not getting a good night’s sleep can be a huge setback to anyone trying to lose body fat or put on muscle. Lack of sleep is a stress on the body, so when you consider the effects of stress on muscle and fat you may be surprised how much of an impact your sleeping habits may be having on reaching your goals.

As I mentioned in a previous article about stress and fat loss, your body will have a tendency to produce cortisol under stress and this hormone is directly related to fat storage. So how does lack of sleep impact the body? Well first of all when you sleep your body uses this segment of time for the repair process. This is especially important when you are active and your body is undergoing a fair bit of exercise related stress.

A Harvard Health Publication suggests six reasons to not skimp on sleep.  For one, sleep impacts learning and memory functions as well as metabolism and weight loss. Sleep has a direct impact on what’s called memory consolidation and with regards to metabolism sleep deprivation has a direct affect on some hormones that control appetite. Not only that, but sleep deprivation can alter the way your body stores carbohydrates.

Among other things sleep deprivation has an impact on mood, safety, cardiovascular health and the body’s immune function. So sleeping 4 to 6 hours per night can be very destructive not only to your health, but also your goals of losing weight and body fat.

Living an active and healthy lifestyle requires management of various factors in your life. Everything that you do has a direct impact on how your body will react. Putting the pieces of the puzzle together and understanding the relationship between what you input to your body and the output or returns is essential for your overall health and well being.

Good Stress, Bad Stress; Managing your stress

American biologist and author Robert Sapolsky.

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Stress is a word quite often thrown around, but we always look at stress being bad. Is stress bad? Well in this short video clip (2min 30sec) Dr. Robert Sapolsky explains some of the various types of stress and why some are good and some bad. He gives some great advice on how to manage stress.


Dr. Robert Sapolsky

Here are a few more ways to help manage stress:

  • Make time for regular exercise (not just a weekend thing)
  • Have a hobbie, sport or activity you like to do (swimming, yoga, pilatase, football, golf)
  • Drink plenty of water (3 liters plus)
  • Minimize or elliminate fast food (stress can tend to make you want carbs, but for the majority of the time, its actualy protein your body want. Protein & health fat helps the body cope with stress)
  • Get at least 6-8 hours of sleep a night.

By Todd Thornbery

Todd Thornbery is a Health & Performance Coach and Personal Trainer in from the United Kingdom, residing in Bangkok.  Co-founder of Active Lifestyle Co. Ltd. Todd is a Certified Personal Trainer and completed his Diploma in Personal Training, Nutrition & Sports Massage with Premier Training International. He is also aCHEK Holistic Lifestyle CoachCHEK Exercise Coachand CHEK Golf Biomechanic Intensive coach.

Less Stress, Lose Fat & Maintain Muscle

Stress & Fat LossAt Active Lifestyle, we often talk about stress levels and how they affect your body, health and overall fitness gains or fat loss. Stress is a serious roadblock to most gains both physically and internally. When your body is under stress, it tends to react neurologically in ways that can affect our fat loss or muscle gains, strength gains as well as mood and energy levels.

Usually people talk about the release of cortisol during stressful situations. Cortisol has been believed to switch on the body’s fat storage system, causing the body to hold on to more fat. If fat loss is your goal, then your job, relationships or even your foods could be hindering your progress. Read more of this post

Stress Less, Lose Body Fat

Stress is a word often thrown around the office in relation to workload or relationships. We often don’t even realize that we’re stressed or what we are doing in relation to our stress in life. Many women may realize that they eat more when stressed or reach for fat loaded foods full of sugar in response to their stresses. Men also tend to eat when stressed. There are also those people who eat less when they are stressed. No matter which type of person you are, stress levels have an impact on the body and often times they are negative impacts.

For those of you, who desire a six pack, think again. If you’re suffering from chronic stress you can forget about it. Without going into too much technical detail, the body releases a chemical compound called cortisol in response to stress. It is believed that cortisol Read more of this post

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