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Asia Fit Convention Days 2 & 3

This past weekend Todd and I had the opportunity to attend three days of fitness workshops, lectures and activities. What an awesome time we had running, jumping and playing like kids. We got our asses kicked for multiple hours a day by the likes of Peter Twist, Douglas Brookes and Jim Stoppani of Muscle & Fitness. We were on agility ladders, using bands, chains, hurdles, bosu balls…you name it, we used it. The camaraderie and connections made with other fitness professionals was great. The hunger and desire for more knowledge and information was evident. It was inspiring to see a new generation of Thai trainers who really thirst for more and want to help lead this charge through the center of Asia’s Fitness Wave.

We met personal trainers and coaches from Read more of this post

Healthy Traveler; How to keep your healthy lifestyle while traveling

Food Court

Image by caribb via Flickr

Living a healthy and active lifestyle when you travel can be a challenge for all of us. Whether we’re a short term traveler or we’re in it for the long haul, there are hurdles and difficulties surrounding our efforts to remain in shape or to get in better shape. Meeting the challenges in front of you as a healthy traveler can be made easier if you have the right tools in your tool belt. Here are five things you can do to keep up your healthy lifestyle while traveling. Read more of this post

Healthy Traveler Episode 1: Can You Cook?

Just thought I would help people to get to know who I am with a little light reading this Sunday morning. I remember when I arrived in Korea for the first time, the first thing I was asked was, “Can you cook?” Well, yes I can cook and although I’ve had no formal training in cooking, I can say that experience is the best teacher. I am often asked the same question here in Thailand and women seem to be astonished that a man can cook. Now isn’t that a bit of stereotyping for you? These days I know a lot of women who can’t cook and have never cooked a meal for themselves or anyone else in their life. Now being able to cook versus being able to cook something tasty is two different things. Read more of this post

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