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My Active Weekend Episode 2

My Active weekend of August 21st began Saturday on the Rock Wall of the Racquet Club on Sukhumvit Soi 49. We had a blast as a great group of people showed up to participate. The weekend was topped off with Salsa on Saturday night followed by Sunday afternoon at Elefin Cafe in Bangkok for some hot and steamy Bachata dancing with my gorgeous new Korean friend who was just in town for the weekend (Bachata is my first love). I must take a trip back to Korea as there seems to be a lot of great Latin dancers there. Although it doesn’t compare to the choreographed “Sensual Bachata” check out the link below to watch my hot social Bachata dance. The heat from watching it alone should be enough to help you burn some extra calories today.

My Active Weekend Episode 1

My Active weekend began with some 5K interval training on Saturday and  ended with a Sunday of Salsa.  Dancing is a great way to be productive and remain active, burn some extra calories, while socializing and making new friends.  A few hours of Salsa dancing is fun and it really gets the heart rate going. It’s exercise without feeling like you’re exercising. Not only that it challenges your mind to learn new things, new patterns of movement and also frees your mind to be creative while expressing your emotion. Check out the video below.

Active Lifestyle Rock Wall Outing August 21, 2010

After the awesome time that we had at the Racquet Club rock wall back on July 31st, we decided to invite some of the friends of Active Lifestyle to join us for an afternoon of fun and activity. We don’t talk it, we live it and not only do we make time for work, we also make time for play. A number of people stepped up to the challenge and joined us for this event. We had both new and familiar faces. We also had a wide variety of age ranges and skill levels ranging from 24 years of age to 50 plus with skills ranging from first timers to very experienced climbers. Who says you have to be young at age or highly skilled to be active? Age is a state of mind and after hearing of a 90 year old couple that plays Wii, there is no doubt in my mind that we are underestimating our abilities.

For those of  you who missed it don’t fret. We will be going again soon, but until then have a look at some of the great photos from our August 21st day on the Rock Wall on Picasa.

Active Lifestyle Rock Wall July 31, 2010

The personal trainers of Active Lifestyle don’t just talk it, we live it. I’ve heard trainers say things like, “I get about 4 or 5 hours of sleep and that’s enough for me to feel refreshed and ready to go”.  Obviously, if this is coming from your trainer or coach then you need to re-evaluate your coaching choice. If your trainer is preaching lifestyle to you, yet is a work-a-holic then think again? It’s like a doctor telling you not to smoke when they themselves smoke. We’re not saying don’t live your life, but what we are saying is that making the right choices, the healthy choices, is all in your hands.

So at Todd and I not only incorporate activity throughout our week along with our busy work schedules, but we encourage our community members to get involved and get active as well. We don’t just tell you to take time to relax, but we make time to relax ourselves. We don’t just tell you, get more sleep, but we give you tips on how to get more sleep.

Todd explaining technical skills of the wall.

So when we recommend getting active, we also show you what we do to stay active. Over the weekend we decided to go to the local rock wall in Bangkok located at The Racquet Club on Sukhumvit soi 49.

Todd was a competitive speed climber and although he’s been in Bangkok for a while he hasn’t had the chance to go climb.

I was looking for some change from my workout routine and my 5K training and so we both decided to do a little 2 man team building activity together.

It’s difficult to find active things to do here within the Bangkok city limits, but the rock wall proved to provide just the answer we needed for a Saturday afternoon.

The staff was friendly and helpful and we both found it to be an awesome afternoon. The wall was challenging but doable.

Have a look at more of our pictures here on Picasa

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