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As a personal trainer in the Asian I quite often caused difficulties in finding a variety of food we had in Europe. I often was asked frequently that This is where to find food in Bangkok Or why do not you introduce food that looks more Asian. Oืam .. I think I’m in Asia so I see that there are two things that should be considered: 1. What kind of food available in Asia. 2. Nutrition is available in Asian food what.

Try to see each other due to the new taste any different glands. In some regions of the world. Sweets and fruit are everywhere. In some countries we may find food and to bring them into the season’s fruits that. Even in Asia, various flavors of the food is different. Food that tastes good in one country. Could be very bad taste in another country.

I used to live in North Asia. I clear it, it is Korean. Offline Korea to import fruits Variety of fruits, no. Fruits like mango, passion fruit and many different types of all in Korea. However, Bangkok has plenty of fruit and year-round.

The spicy food in Korea, that is offline Really?. Still not as hot pepper in Thailand. I would like a different, but that’s something that is unique to us. So I’ve written five types of health food that can be found in Asia. Read more of this post

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