Personal Training

The word personal training has come to mean many different things in the minds of people, but at Active Lifestyle we see it as simply a catch phrase that describes a general field of service. Our brand of personal training can be better defined as “Holistic Lifestyle Coaching”. At Active Lifestyle we provide you with the tools and road map to begin your journey on the road to lifestyle change. Once you have decided for yourself and made the commitment to us, we will begin our journey together along a path that’s guaranteed to have you feeling, looking and moving better. Contact us now for your FREE  consultation and 10% off your first package

Nutritional Coaching

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  • Nutrition Journal & Basic
  • Metabolic Typing
  • Nutritional Consulting and
    follow up
  • Online Resources
  • Nutritional Products &

Fitness Coaching & Training

  • Fat Loss, Athletic Performance
  • Resistance, Strength, Core
    & Posture, Flexibility
  • Cardio Programming & Recommendations
  • Travel & Home Program

Stress Reduction

  • Lifestyle Assessments
  • Reducing Food Stress
  • Relaxation Techniques

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