3 Foolproof Tips to Stay Slim during the Holiday Season

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The holidays are here and so begins the onslaught of foods and tasty treats. Party after party is serving up snacks, pastries and drinks that are sure to get that waistline bulging. It doesn’t take long to do damage to everything you’ve worked so hard to keep in check all year as those fat cells are sitting there rubbing their grubby palms together in anticipation of extra calories to store.

Last year, I had a personal training client tell me that it was the first year in her life that she didn’t put on weight during the holidays. She awarded me the credit, but the credit belongs to her for following some simple rules during the holiday season. Now I’m here to share a few of the same tips that I gave her during the daunting holiday food festival. Read more of this post


“Can I lose weight and still go out drinking?” (via BodyByH’)

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If your goal is to lose weight then alcohol must be the first thing to go. I’ve written about lowering stress and lowering body fat, lowering stress and increasing body fat. Alcohol puts a stress on the body and it is a toxin. This is one case where you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Heavy drinking, binge drinking or regular consumption of alcohol is destroying your strength gains and your fitness goals and it doesn’t only have an impact directly after consumption, but the recovery could take a couple of days. In my list of 101 ways to lose weight, body fat is right up there at the top. Check out how alcohol impacts your body, metabolism and fat loss.

“Can I lose weight and still go out drinking?” Q:  ”Can I lose weight and still go out drinking?” A:  Your body absorbs ‘ethyl alcohol’ (the kind of alcohol in alcoholic beverages) extremely quickly and classifies it as a toxin.  So your body doesn’t like toxins because your body was built to live…and survive…and do great things. Therefore, it metabolizes alcohol before the essential macronutrients (carbs, fat, PROTEIN) in order to get rid of the toxin as soon as possible. This means that you … Read More

via BodyByH’

Poll: How Much Alcohol do you Consume?

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Alcohol consumption plays a major role in our overall health, but it also plays a role in our ability to lose weight and lose body fat.  Take this quick anonymous poll and let us know honestly how much alcohol you consume per week.

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