Cold Stone Creamery Threatens Bangkok’s Health Too


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So I’m reading a write up on the worst drinks in America and the sad thing is while everyone points the finger at America, guess what? There are three fingers pointing right back at you. Point and laugh all you want, but there are two types of people in the world, those who had it easy and those who worked to get it. Let me explain:

I think back at my younger years of middle school and high school when all the other guys were a little leaner, a little stronger or a little faster. Some guys were just blessed with a physique similar to that of a cover model for a fitness magazine. For myself, I’ve had to work hard, year after year to get my body where it is today and it’s always a never ending work in progress. While some were running a sprint and have crossed the finish line, I’ve been running a marathon.

So obviously some people get complacent because they’ve always been a bit smaller, less fat and got away with eating whatever they want. But what people aren’t seeing is that the change is coming. The clothing sizes are changing in Asia. People are bigger relative to 10 years ago. Sure it will take some time to grow into those big fat shoes of the western world, but with the introduction of Krispy Kreme, Cold Stone Creamery and others I reckon it will be more sooner than later.

So what’s my point? Well this was just a round about way of getting to it, but Cold Stone Creamery has just just found a home in Bangkok‘s centerpiece mall, Central World and did you know that Cold Stone literally takes the cake for Worst Milkshake with their Gotta Have It Size PB&C Shake. Check out these stats:

  • 2010 calories
  • 131 grams fat (68 saturated)
  • 153 grams sugar

According to Men’s Health this is more calories than 12 ice cream sandwiches and more saturated fat than 20 large orders of McDonald’s french fries and Cold Stone doesn’t have any drinks less than 1000 calories.

Quickest way to get fat is to ingest large sums of calories in liquid form. Like they say when it comes to drugs, “Just Say No!”

By Rich Thurman, B.Sc., MA, CSCS, CPT

Health & Performance Coach

Active Lifestyle Co. Ltd

With a degree in Physiology from UCLA and a Masters Degree in Sports & Fitness Management, Rich combines his knowledge of rehabilitation and sports performance as well as nutritional studies to provide a complete and holistic approach to training clients. The focus is on lifestyle change which creates long term health.



Top tips for eating out…

Top Tips for eating out plus a couple more. Eating out has become a major reason for pitfalls in nutritional planning. Often times a person is left thinking, what should I eat? It can be even worse here in Asia where eating is a communal thing and food is ordered and shared by everyone at the table. Essentially, you have no choice to what is available sometimes as one person has done all the ordering of a variety of things he or she thinks is best.

What do we do when faced with these sorts of situations? Well, these top tips address Western methods of dealing with eating out, but what about while in Asia? So here are a few tips that you can try in order to still eat with friends in Asia.

1. Make sure the person ordering simply says “no msg”. Easy to do and will save your body loads in health. For more information on MSG have a look at my article, “Thai Food is Healthy Right? So Why Am I Gaining Weight?”

2. Ask the person to order more vegetables. Typically in Thailand for example there are more “other” things on the plate than vegetables and often times rice is the dominant item on the plate. In Korea, just keep asking for more side dishes.

Want more tips? I’ve got three words for you “Buy My Book”. Just kidding. I got that line from “Wall Street 2” yesterday. But there is always a little truth to every joke =)


Top tips for eating out... 1.     Eat your calories and drink water. The first question you are always asked upon being seated in a restaurant is what you would like to drink. Choose water and pass on the high-fructose-corn-syrup, sugar, preservatives, caffeine and extra    calories found in most beverages. 2. Take half home. We are annoyed when restaurants don’t over serve us and restaurants have responded accordingly by over supplying huge portions. Italian Restau … Read More

via Connectfitness’s Blog

Have Cake and Eat it too…Well Pie

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The New York times has been doing a series of what they call Recipes for Health in their Fitness & Nutrition section. I was first turned on to these links by a friend of mine in an email he called, “more of that quinoa stuff.” Hey the stuff is good, but apparently I’m not the only one who thinks so. Of course after finally finding it in Asia after years of complete inaccessibility I began to write about it and quite a stir has erupted. If your personal trainer or fitness professional or dietician is not talking to you about Quinoa or has no clue what it is, then you may want to reconsider their services.

Well I digressed a bit, but the point is the New York Times is going ballistic on Quinoa lately. I guess everything happens in cycles. The cool thing though is that they seem to have come up with a couple of gluten free, refined grain free and processed sugar free desserts. If only I had an oven I could get back to my days of baking.

Check  out “For Desserts Without Gluten, Crumbles Take the Cake” and “Peach or Nectarine and Blueberry Crumble, With Quinoa-Oat Topping”

Obesity in Asia Part II; Global Solutions


Obesity Campaign Poster

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We all know that the globalization of food and general western ideas is spreading across the world from Africa to South America and Asia. Here in Asia I have watched as numerous fast food companies have developed strong footing in the region, the latest company being Krispy Kreme Donuts which just opened a brand new location in Bangkok’s most famous shopping mega-complex Siam Paragon. The march is on by the fast food giants and they are selling the world on early onset of diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity.

The rapid growth of wealth and prosperity in this region coupled with a lack of health initiatives and educational programs has allowed the quick injection of these companies along with their marketing genius.  The kids are recognizably fatter than before. Many long term expatriates have said that they can clearly see the difference in size of Thai people today versus 10 years ago or even 20 years ago. In general the world as a whole lacks proper educational programs and funding to combat the spread of this global phenomenon. Read more of this post

Asia Fit Convention Days 2 & 3

This past weekend Todd and I had the opportunity to attend three days of fitness workshops, lectures and activities. What an awesome time we had running, jumping and playing like kids. We got our asses kicked for multiple hours a day by the likes of Peter Twist, Douglas Brookes and Jim Stoppani of Muscle & Fitness. We were on agility ladders, using bands, chains, hurdles, bosu balls…you name it, we used it. The camaraderie and connections made with other fitness professionals was great. The hunger and desire for more knowledge and information was evident. It was inspiring to see a new generation of Thai trainers who really thirst for more and want to help lead this charge through the center of Asia’s Fitness Wave.

We met personal trainers and coaches from Read more of this post

Asia FIT Convention Day 1

We took time out to attend the Asia FIT Convention 2010 at the Centara Grand Convention Center in Bangkok. This convention brings together fitness professionals from all over the world for 3 days to share knowledge, experience and expertise. The first day was great as we experienced great motivation by speakers like Paul Brown of Australia and creative exercise techniques from Peter Twist of Canada.

Meeting Muscle & Fitness writer Jim Stoppanni was amongst the highlights of the day and I’m looking forward to taking another workshop by him on Saturday. Steve Cotter, the Kettle Bell guru was there with a style of Vibram Five Fingers that I’ve never seen before and his Kettle Bell class is a real hit amongst the coaches in attendance. There was Yoga, Pilates and Running Coaches as well all there to arm us with the tools to go out and do what we as coaches do best and that’s, “help people”. I also had the opportunity to meet an awesome fitness guy, Noel of Daily Muscle from Kuala Lumpur who runs outdoor group training sessions and setting the bar for fitness in Malaysia.

We have the greatest job in the world as we get to work everyday to help others live, help people reach goals, change lives and spirits, raise the bar for human existence, motivate, inspire and gain confidence to take on new challenges.  With Day one in the books this was just the starting point of a great conference. Thanks to FIT Thailand and Dr. Suzanne Holsey for organizing this awesome event and providing a standard of education for the fitness profession in Asia,  continued education courses, ACE and NSCA certifications and raising the bar of Fitness in Thailand and Asia.

Day 2 is here. Is your trainer or coach in attendance? You may want to ponder the answer to that question?

Obesity Growing in AsiaPart 1; A Global Problem

Obesity Campaign Poster

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Have you ever had your body fat tested? Do you realize that just because you’re small or because you’re smaller than most people and look slim that you still may have unhealthy levels of body fat?

I live in Asia so it’s only right that I discuss the issues facing my country of residence. I have not forgotten my American roots, but the epidemic that was once only an American issue is now a pandemic. Obesity is on the rise globally and where there’s an inferno blazing out of control in the United States, Asia is smoking. But where there is smoke there is fire right? Read more of this post

Bangkok Fat A$$ Threatens to Tweet Health Nut to Death

Health will prevail over all...

In the land we know as Bangkok there is a growing divide between two local Giants. In one corner of the Tweet Arena we’ve got the “all things health” BangkokTrainer (one word) and in the other corner we have his arch nemesis and their gang of Fat Food lovers. BKKFatty seems to be the ring leader in all of this, but the authorities are uncertain.

Although this group maintains contradictory actions in the realm of food and health, bludgeoning BangkokTrainer, daily with fat food assaults on twitter as he attempts to save the land with healthy alternatives; There is one thing this group should be applauded for and that’s their connection to an awesome charitible cause.

Check out In Search of Sanuk and see what kind of great stuff is going on in Bangkok.

Check out the original post from the Health Nut’s arch enemies, No Leftovers

Rice; To Eat or Not to Eat?

Unhulled rice

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Many of my personal training clients ask me can they eat rice. Of course you know my answer is no. But why do we tell our clients to steer clear of rice? Well, if we look at plain white rice and break it down as to its value to our body, we will see that it has very little value besides making us temporarily full. Read more of this post

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