Funny Fitness Fridays Episode3: When I Grow Up I Want to be a Vegetarian

Vegetarians have it rough sometimes when it comes to food choices. Without meat in the diet it’s often difficult to get enough protein in the diet to maintain muscle gains, strength and lose body fat. Although there are many great sources of protein for vegetarians, most people don’t know what those sources are. This weeks installment of Funny Fitness Friday features Jack and his son from the American fast food chain Jack in the Box. His son explains why he wants to be a vegetarian when he grows up.


What’s in Your Fridge Part II

We’re revisiting the refrigerator and asking you what else is in your fridge this month? In Bangkok it’s difficult to get Quinoa, but those of you in other regions have no excuse as it’s readily available. But what else should be in your fridge if you’re looking to shed some body fat and lose weight? We’ll take a look at five more items that you may want to consider stocking up on.

  1. Berries – Blueberries, raspberries and blackberries are all packed with cancer fighting antioxidants. Not only that, but berries have a lower glycemic index than other fruits so they will not cause such a large spike in insulin levels. This is great for diabetics, but it’s also great for people trying to lose body fat as insulin is related to fat storage in the body. Berries are also packed with loads of fiber.  Fiber is great for intestinal health and helping lower cholesterol levels. Looking for fruit to fill your fridge with then berries is the way to go. Read more of this post

Testimonial for Todd & Rich

I normally would simply post a testimonial in its proper section within this page, but this didn’t come to us as a testimonial. It came to us out of an impulsive desire of one of our team member’s to share her feelings with us. I recently wrote about Inspiration and Motivation and I mainly tackled the issue from the perspective of people trying to lose weight or needing the support of peers on their fat loss mission. Sometimes inspiration and motivation come from the people we ourselves are working to motivate and inspire.

I don’t have to look for reasons why we do what we do for a living. Everyday I am reminded why I do my job. It’s the sweat and the drive that I see in the people we work with as they overcome obstacles that they never dreamed of busting through. It’s the smiles that I see on the faces of the people we work with. It’s the changes in mood after a long day of work where a person came in with a frown and left feeling fantastic. Our motivation is in the 20lbs lost, the 35lbs lost, the dress size that’s getting smaller, the doctor taking one of those medications off the list, the 5K completed and the lifestyles changed. We believe everyone has the inner ability to perform better, feel better and grow stronger every day.

It is the people that we work with that inspire and motivate us and keep us getting up at 5am and leaving work at 8pm. It is your goal that becomes our goal and it is the commitment and dedication that lights our fire and keeps us burning brightly. We want to say thank you.

I wanted to share a short note that came from one of our super stars this afternoon. She authorized me to share this with you and we thank her for that.

“Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks so much for everything you’ve done for me, for the last three days I have been totally pain free, it might not seem like much, three days………….but when you’ve had constant pain in your knees and hips for well over a year what I’m experiencing now is remarkable, no dull aches, no twinges going up and down stairs, and just generally over all a million times better, also………usually with my period I have extreme lower back ache that lasts for hours and days, some days I can barely stand or bend over, and this time around…….. nothing, absolutely nothing, you can’t imagine how happy this makes me, anway just wanted to say thanks so much!!!! You’re both worth your weight in gold.
lots and lots of love for you both.”

Inspiration & Motivation

A major part of staying in shape or getting fit relies on both inspiration and motivation. What inspires you to change? What motivates you to get up and move in a new direction? Inertia can be a bitch for lack of a better term. No matter how hard you try to move that boulder, it just wants to stay at rest. Newton was on to something with this whole inertia thing as objects in motion tend to stay in motion unless acted on by some force. There are various forces acting on us daily that play a role in our progress or lack thereof.

So here’s the skinny. When you’re not moving or inactive it can be so hard to get going. We need a force to push us and get us started and most of the time that force has to come from within us. However, there are many forces that can provide us that initial movement. Sometimes it’s a doctor telling you that you have diabetes or high blood pressure and other times it’s as simple as a class reunion or event where you’ll see some old friends. Your motivation could be that your girlfriend or boyfriend has moved on without you or it could be a decision based on aspirations to look like a particular person you have chosen as a role model. Whatever your inspiration is, let it be the fire that drives you.

Once the ball is rolling though we often find tons of forces attempting to stop us. Some of those forces may be work obligations, friends, spouses, or numerous other things that just seem to get in our way. But with a little effort we can overcome those hurdles and obstacles. It is at this point that we need to remind ourselves of our inspiration, goals and our motivation for moving in the first place and use it as fuel.

Getting out of a rhythm can be devastating to our goals, but we have to find ways to get back on track.  We have a job to do as peers to provide the right type of peer pressure to our friends and family when they undertake their mission to finally reach their goals. I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve heard people tell me that their friends don’t say very supportive things about their training or decisions to eliminate alcohol or other things from their diet.  Many spouses and significant others do more to subconsciously sabotage their mates progress than anything else.

We should take a closer look at ourselves sometimes and think about the things we say to our friends and family when they’re working so hard to change their lifestyle and health. Do we tell them they’re looking good or do we say, “yeah but your ass is still kinda big”? Do we say great job or do we say “you could have done more”. We are sensitive beings and for that reason we need a little positive reinforcement and motivation to continue on sometimes.

It is my job to motivate and inspire, but at the same time my profession requires me to tell people the truth about their progress or lack thereof. I have to find the balance between the two and give the good, the bad and the ugly. The rest of you out there do me a favor and don’t be that negative force that stops someone else’s momentum on their road to better fitness.

By Rich Thurman, B.Sc., MA, CSCS, CPT

Health & Performance Coach

Active Lifestyle Co. Ltd

With a degree in Physiology from UCLA and a Masters Degree in Sports & Fitness Management, Rich combines his knowledge of rehabilitation and sports performance as well as nutritional studies to provide a complete and holistic approach to training clients. The focus is on lifestyle change which creates long term health.

Healthy Juice Recipe

I received a gift from a client a couple of weeks ago and I thought it was wonderful. I’m always making fruit shakes and things like that so it was a very thoughtful gift. It was a little book by Tarla Dalal called Health Juices for Daily Use.  The book has tons of recipes for healthy juices that you can either make with a blender or a juicer. I’m used to making juices with my blender so I was going to make an attempt at a few of the juices using the blender until just a few days ago another client brought a juicer that she no longer had use for as she would be moving back to the United States. The timing couldn’t be any more impeccable.  So I popped open the book and found a recipe in the section titled Cleansing Juices and found an interesting one called Minty Morning.

This juice is quite simple and only contains two ingredients; oranges and mint leaves. Dalal’s book says that…

“Oranges boost overall resistance and also stimulate the salivary glands thus aiding digestion. Mint on the other hand is rich in iron and vitamin C. It is also the best digestive and cooling herb. By combining the health-giving properties of oranges with mint;  this juice makes for a powerful cleanser”

Check out the recipe.


4 medium sized oranges, peeled and separated into segments

8-10 sprigs of mint with leaves roughly chopped

For more of this recipe check out Tarla Dalal’s book Healthy Juices for Daily Use.

Healthy Traveler; How to keep your healthy lifestyle while traveling

Food Court

Image by caribb via Flickr

Living a healthy and active lifestyle when you travel can be a challenge for all of us. Whether we’re a short term traveler or we’re in it for the long haul, there are hurdles and difficulties surrounding our efforts to remain in shape or to get in better shape. Meeting the challenges in front of you as a healthy traveler can be made easier if you have the right tools in your tool belt. Here are five things you can do to keep up your healthy lifestyle while traveling. Read more of this post

I’m Vegetarian; How Can I Get More Protein in My Life

It’s difficult being a vegetarian sometimes. Although I’m not a vegetarian, I can sympathize with the limitations that people have as far as protein choices. But meats, poultry and fish are not the only sources of protein out there. Expand your horizons and try new things.

I’ve written at length about the benefits and protein content of Quinoa. Spirulina is another obscure source for protein that most people wouldn’t ordinarily consider. Everyone knows eggs are a good source however I have some clients that cannot eat egg either for cultural/religious reasons or because they believe that the egg is also a meat product. But hey, it’s not the end of the world. Protein is essential for fat loss and muscle repair and it can be obtained if you know where to find it. Read more of this post

Do You Think Whole Grains Help You Lose Fat? Think Again

Loaf of dark rye bread

Image via Wikipedia

A lot of people are being misled into believing that eating whole grains will somehow help them lose body fat or lose weight and it’s not our fault. We are bombarded with information, but never clearly educated on our health and nutrition. We are drowned in key words and catch phrases and never really told the truth.

A friend of mine once told me that “words are his tools”.  This is because he is an attorney and yes words are his tools, but we often forget, words are the tools of marketers, writers and politicians.  Writers are using words to get the reader to go down the rabbit whole of the author or company backer’s choice.  A company I used to work for often told people that they need to eat more whole grains, oats and rye bread, but what’s the difference? These are all carbohydrates. Yes, sure they have more fiber, but they are still carbohydrates. Read more of this post

Functional Training versus Traditional Exercises

Functional training has become a catchy buzz phrase thrown around by personal trainers and fitness coaches around the world. If we break down the phrase it should become obvious what it means. Functional by definition means “having or serving a utilitarian purpose”. In other words, this type of training is a method of training the body that directly corresponds to a purpose or has a use in the person’s life.

Functional training would exclude movements like Bench Press, Curls (both biceps and hamstrings), Leg extensions, Tricep push downs and many more exercises. However, as a Health & Performance Coach and Personal Trainer, I do not agree with Read more of this post

Carbs Don’t Make You Fat

The media as told us to throw out carbs; that carbs are bad for you and that they will make you fat. What the media and most fad diet programs out there have not done is defined carbs. Carb is the abbreviated version of the full word Carbohydrate. Can carbohydrates make you fat? Yes of course, but so can sitting around doing nothing all day. To understand how carbohydrates work we have to first understand what carbohydrates are. Read more of this post

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