Quinoa Stuffed Peppers Recipe

peppers stuffed with quinoa

Image by The Shifted Librarian via Flickr

Lately I’ve been receiving a lot of hits regarding Quinoa. Quinoa is a brilliant food and when you talk about whole grains, Quinoa actually fulfills the standard to be considered a whole food. Although technically Quinoa is not a whole grain but a seed, it serves to take the place of grains on your plate. It can be sprouted and is great for people who have gluten allergies. This recommendation came from one of our blog followers here in Bangkok and I though it was awesome. Keep sending  these delicious discoveries so that others can enjoy these wonderful foods. Check out the recipe. Read more of this post


Facebook Debate; Should You Eat Whole Grains

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Facebook seems to be the center of all human communication at the moment. The combination of Facebook, Twitter, Youtubve and the blogosphere seem to make up the top of the list when it comes to the internet these days. So my articles are syndicated throughout the internet and they are meant to raise questions and debate. Fitness and Health is my passion and I want to share it with the world. So I blog my knowledge and research and send it to various local publications including magazines like Traverse the Orient.

Facebook friends generally don’t make up the vast majority of readership, but occasionally the debate is sparked, the fuse is lit, the hammer is cocked back and BAM! Off we go on a topic and it’s great because this creates a public forum of opinions and in the end helps people to look differently at things that they may not have considered. Quinoa has been a big hit, but recently my assault on “Whole Grains” has sparked the interest of a long time friend. I decided to share this debate with you readers as it was too much to let go to waste deep within the walls of Facebook. So without further ado, here is what set things off…The comment made by Monica Read more of this post

Whole Grains; Can I Eat them Daily?

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Pertaining to Fat Loss:

Drinking Beer = Bad

Drinking Low Carb Beer = Less Bad?

Just a followup on my previous assault on whole grains. I wanted to tackle the topic a little bit more because the topic of something being “not as bad” for you has come up. Honestly, I try not to live in a realm of “not as bad” when it comes to my health. I mean smoking a pack of cigarettes per day is bad, but should you consider smoking half a pack per day to be “not as bad”. Well in the grand scheme of things you would think that it’s not as bad, but the point is that it’s still harmful. Read more of this post

Rice; To Eat or Not to Eat?

Unhulled rice

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Many of my personal training clients ask me can they eat rice. Of course you know my answer is no. But why do we tell our clients to steer clear of rice? Well, if we look at plain white rice and break it down as to its value to our body, we will see that it has very little value besides making us temporarily full. Read more of this post

Breakfast Cereals: The Hidden Fat Loss Saboteur

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Many of us grew up on it, but do we really know the impact that this breakfast substitute is having on our health and our fat loss goals? Breakfast cereals have become increasingly popular as people struggle for time in the morning. It’s easy right? Just add milk and grab a spoon and you’re good to go. It is the easy solution for a household where both parents are working and just don’t have time to prepare a proper meal for the kids. But what are we conditioning our children and our future generations to be?

As a personal trainer I come across so many people who have cereal every morning and wonder why they’re not losing any body fat or weight. The problem is that there are years and years of conditioning, product placement and advertising behind the false idea that breakfast cereals are somehow healthy for you. Read more of this post

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