Lack of Sleep or Legally Drunk?


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Sleep is essential for your overall health and many times we don’t realize the significant impact that a lack of sleep has on our day and overall life. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student or a busy executive, sleep is essential for your overall performance. The excuses about having a lot of work to finish, big exam or presentation just doesn’t fly. Plan ahead, prepare and get it done on time.  Once you get into a pattern of inefficiency and try to compensate by pulling all nighters, the vicious cycle begins. Lack of  sleep further disrupts your efficiency and you’ll find yourself plummeting further down the rabbit hole.  Take a look at how insufficient sleep can disrupt brain function during exams or during long days at work:

With continued lack of sufficient sleep, the part of the brain that controls language, memory, planning and sense of time is severely affected, practically shutting down. In fact, 17 hours of sustained wakefulness leads to a decrease in performance equivalent to a blood alcohol level of 0.05% (two glasses of wine). This is the legal drink driving limit in the UK.

via BBC – Science & Nature – Human Body and Mind – What is sleep.


Are You Allergic to Cow’s Milk?

Food allergies are something that are commonly overlooked. We don’t pay much attention to the foods that we eat and how they impact our body unless it’s catastrophic. A fair bit of people are allergic to peanuts (which aren’t really nuts) and nuts in general, but what about the other things surrounding our life?

Many people think that they are lactose intolerant, but actually they just may be allergic to cow’s milk. Cow’s milk allergies are one of the most common allergies.  Here’s a few facts about Cow’s milk to have a closer look at.

1. Cow’s milk is not so easily digestible. This inability to digest leaves behind a residue in the colon which ferments, causing a build up of lactose and gives those uncomfortable symptoms associated with lactose intolerance.

2. 1 in 10 people are allergic to the type of protein contained in Cow’s milk

3.  Cow’s milk causes the body to produce mucous as an allergic reaction.

Mucus Caused  By Processed Milk In The Diet.

Fat Loss Drugs more Harm than Good

OTC weight loss drugs

Another fat loss drug is taken off the shelves in the midst of possible deadly side effects. “Meridia pulled from shelves amidst serious health concerns”

On one hand they tell you that drugs are bad for you. On the other hand they say, well if we make them in our labs then they are good for you. In the red corner we’ve got all the banned and illegal substances and in the other corner we have the “ok” substances because they’ve been approved by the American FDA…at least temporarily. Read more of this post

International Youth Obesity, Health & Fitness Series


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As schools around the world begin to change direction and International Baccalaureate programs begin to switch the focus solely towards academics over physical education, children are being conditioned to live a more sedentary and stressful lifestyle. The right prescription of physical education and exercise may not only increase a child’s ability to cope with stress, but in the long run gives children a solid lifestyle foundation for their future.

I was recently training one of my teenage team members who happens to be a student at the International School of Bangkok (ISB), and Read more of this post

Going Against The Grain; 10 Reasons to Give Up Grains

Whole Grain Bread

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The Battle for food superiority has begun. The debate is on and the fight is in full swing. The funding is behind the big boys…The industry that cultivates, distributes and sells grains versus those of us on the preventative health side of things. I’ve read article after article on both sides of this fence and I have come to the conclusion based on how I feel after cutting grains from my diet. Read more of this post

Bangkok Personal Trainer recruits Health Habits against BKK Fatty et. al.

I must say that I’ve been following this thread on twitter and there are some awesome tidbits about health and fitness. Daily I find loads of useful information from Health Habits so I just wanted to share this resource with the rest of you. In the constant struggle against the Fat friendly crew of of BKKFatty and their “no leftovers team” it was necessary to enlist the support of another health giant. Check out some of these posts from Health Habits.

Childhood Obesity

Low Carb Beats Low Fat Once Again

Slamming Summer Salmon

Doctors Ignore Obesity

Obesity Growing in AsiaPart 1; A Global Problem

Obesity Campaign Poster

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Have you ever had your body fat tested? Do you realize that just because you’re small or because you’re smaller than most people and look slim that you still may have unhealthy levels of body fat?

I live in Asia so it’s only right that I discuss the issues facing my country of residence. I have not forgotten my American roots, but the epidemic that was once only an American issue is now a pandemic. Obesity is on the rise globally and where there’s an inferno blazing out of control in the United States, Asia is smoking. But where there is smoke there is fire right? Read more of this post

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