Eat an Apple a Day and Keep the Doctor Away; Why Apples are so Good for You (via Health is a Habit’s Blog)

I’ve been eating an average of 2 apples per say for the last 4 months or so and I can attest that not only do I feel great, but my digestive system seems to be on hyperdrive. Apples of course have a great deal of fiber which not only has fat loss properties, but cholesterol lowering capabilities. Apples are also high in insoluble fiber, which is great for your intestines and colon health.

I know that apples can be boring so I often mix things up with my apples. Some days I will put two apples in a protein shake. Other days I’ll just have two apples outright. Some days I will spread peanut butter over slices of apple or raw organic almond butter for a balanced and healthy snack and other days I will dice them and put them in a salad. Whatever you choose, be sure to incorporate apples in your diet as a part of a healthy and nutritious lifestyle.

Eat an Apple a Day and Keep the Doctor Away; Why Apples are so Good for You You’ve all heard that saying before. It may be very true. Let’s look at really how good apples are. You know how delicious they are but did you know they are chemically complex and a great way to help control cholesterol levels? They contain a range of elements which research has shown to be effective in countering heart disease and stroke. Remember Johnny Appleseed, All ye who love the apple; He served his kind by word and deed, In God’s grand g … Read More

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3 Meals for More Fat Loss

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If fat loss is your goal, then check out these healthy meals guaranteed to help you lose more body fat.

1.Blueberry Cheesecake Breakfast

2. Fresh Tuna Salad

3. Apple Protein Shake

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Healthy Cookie Recipe

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Life doesn’t have to be boring when eating healthy. There are plenty of ways to make an unhealthy meal healthy. I recently received the link to this website and this awesome recipe. I haven’t tried it yet myself, but I’m anxious to try it and see how it tastes. A little substitution of a few ingredients and you can still get that wonderful flavor you crave with less calories and more health benefits. Check out Nikki’s Healthy Cookie Recipe. Read more of this post

Rich’s Morrocan Mint Quinoa Salad

The health benefits of quinoa are amazing and the versatility of this seed is equally as amazing. I was trying to find something else to do with my quinoa when I had a bright idea for something interesting. Why not try a cold quinoa dish? I prepared my quinoa and began to just add a few items to it until I came up with something colorful and yummy. This is a great dish for vegetarians and non vegetarians alike. It’s fresh and light and is best served cold. Read more of this post

Cheesecake; Have Cake & Eat It Too? Occasionally

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This is life and we must live it right? Well, when you have tough goals to reduce body fat and fit into those smaller dress sizes then it’s a must that you stick to very strict nutritional guidelines and an exercise routine.

However from time to time we do have guests over for dinner, or we have to take a dish to a dinner party and although you’re the health nut like me that would probably show up with carrot sticks and broccoli, you can still surprise a few people from time to time with a healthier version of a very unhealthy treat. I’ve been at odds with the “Bangkok Fat Ass” and his fat foodie clan for a while now in a struggle for twitter dominance. Today they have met their match as this recipe puts a slightly healthier spin on a common high calorie, high fat loss goal killer. This is not a recommendation, but simply an alternative…a lesser of two evils. But what the heck…Enjoy Read more of this post

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