What’s in Your Fridge Part II

We’re revisiting the refrigerator and asking you what else is in your fridge this month? In Bangkok it’s difficult to get Quinoa, but those of you in other regions have no excuse as it’s readily available. But what else should be in your fridge if you’re looking to shed some body fat and lose weight? We’ll take a look at five more items that you may want to consider stocking up on.

  1. Berries – Blueberries, raspberries and blackberries are all packed with cancer fighting antioxidants. Not only that, but berries have a lower glycemic index than other fruits so they will not cause such a large spike in insulin levels. This is great for diabetics, but it’s also great for people trying to lose body fat as insulin is related to fat storage in the body. Berries are also packed with loads of fiber.  Fiber is great for intestinal health and helping lower cholesterol levels. Looking for fruit to fill your fridge with then berries is the way to go. Read more of this post

10 Great Foods to Help You Gain Muscle

Egg yolks.

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It’s not easy to add muscle to your frame. For some men it can be a challenge. For women it’s very difficult and is one reason why women should not be afraid to lift weights. With all that said, let’s get down to the point of it all. You want to put on some muscle, but don’t know where to start. Well first of all, make sure you ask people who have experience with putting on muscle naturally. Obviously there are guys walking around that have taken banned substances and they’ll tell you how easy it is to pack on a little muscle. Wrong! Muscle takes time to grow and needs the proper care and nurture when doing it naturally.

So we have 10 tips to help you pack on more muscle. Read more of this post

101 Ways to Lose Body Fat

For the 101st post on Bangkok Personal Trainer, here is my list of 101 ways to lose body fat.

1.Eliminate Fast Food

2.Eliminate Breakfast Cereals

3.Cut Rice down or out completely

4.Cut out packaged foods

5.Eat something small and full of fiber before going to dinner parties

6.Cut out soft drinks and prepackaged juices

7.Drop the alcohol

8.Stay away from refined sugar

9.Cut out bread

10.Drop the Pasta Read more of this post

3 Meals for More Fat Loss

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If fat loss is your goal, then check out these healthy meals guaranteed to help you lose more body fat.

1.Blueberry Cheesecake Breakfast

2. Fresh Tuna Salad

3. Apple Protein Shake

Read more of this post

Cheesecake; Have Cake & Eat It Too? Occasionally

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This is life and we must live it right? Well, when you have tough goals to reduce body fat and fit into those smaller dress sizes then it’s a must that you stick to very strict nutritional guidelines and an exercise routine.

However from time to time we do have guests over for dinner, or we have to take a dish to a dinner party and although you’re the health nut like me that would probably show up with carrot sticks and broccoli, you can still surprise a few people from time to time with a healthier version of a very unhealthy treat. I’ve been at odds with the “Bangkok Fat Ass” and his fat foodie clan for a while now in a struggle for twitter dominance. Today they have met their match as this recipe puts a slightly healthier spin on a common high calorie, high fat loss goal killer. This is not a recommendation, but simply an alternative…a lesser of two evils. But what the heck…Enjoy Read more of this post

Why You Should Choose Cottage Cheese over Cream Cheese?

Cottage cheese & olive tomato-based sauce for ...

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Why choose cottage cheese over cream cheese you ask? Well I’ve put together the chart below to show you the clear differences between the two. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a world of difference in our goals to lose body fat or maintain weight. As a Health & Performance Coach it is my job to find solutions. Read more of this post

Cottage Cheese Berry Blast

Photo by Rich ThurmanLooking for a high protein, high antioxidant breakfast or mid morning snack. Try this cottage cheese recipe on for size. It’s quick and easy and tastes fantastic. Packing a high protein punch, rich in cancer fighting antioxidants and low on the glycemic index. This recipe is bound to help you shed some body fat today! Check it out… Read more of this post

I’m Vegetarian; How Can I Get More Protein in My Life

It’s difficult being a vegetarian sometimes. Although I’m not a vegetarian, I can sympathize with the limitations that people have as far as protein choices. But meats, poultry and fish are not the only sources of protein out there. Expand your horizons and try new things.

I’ve written at length about the benefits and protein content of Quinoa. Spirulina is another obscure source for protein that most people wouldn’t ordinarily consider. Everyone knows eggs are a good source however I have some clients that cannot eat egg either for cultural/religious reasons or because they believe that the egg is also a meat product. But hey, it’s not the end of the world. Protein is essential for fat loss and muscle repair and it can be obtained if you know where to find it. Read more of this post

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