Men’s Health Build your own Triathlon

Are you getting bored with your workouts? Many people get bored with their workouts and end up falling off the wagon. The secret to fat loss success is keeping your workouts fresh and new. Of course there should be some routine to your workout as you want to have measurable results and strength gains. As personal trainers we create our workout routines for clients with the right amount of structure and variety, the spice of life!  Mix up your cardio sessions or add some new movements to your next training routine. It will keep you on your fat loss track.
Check out this article from Men’s Health called “Build Your Own Triathlon“. It offers some great ideas for making your workouts fun and inspiring. Good Luck!


Shake Up Your Morning with a Protein Shake

Often times my personal training clients ask me what to have for a snack. When most people think snacks, they think some form of packaged bar or worse, chips or cookies. If you’re looking to keep healthy and fit, or maybe lose body fat and trim up that waistline, then chips and cookies are out. So what to do when your eating schedule says that it’s time for a snack?

Blend up a shake!  As time is usually a factor, I prepare my shakes before work and pop them in the fridge for a mid morning boost between clients.

Here are a couple of my favorite shakes. Read more of this post

Strong Glutes for Fat Loss and Increased Performance

Usain Bolt Crystal Palace Meeting in 2007.

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Many of you may remember the Sir Mix-A-Lot song, “I Like Big Butts”, but for those of you who do not remember this popular early 90s rap song and wonder why someone would prefer a big butt, think about this. The butt, which is composed of the gluteus maximus, medius and minimus is the ultimate sign of strength, power and in most cases a point of attraction for the opposite sex. The Gluts are often neglected and allowed to wither away into nonexistence by the working public who spend most of their time sitting at a desk, riding escalators instead of taking the stairs and generally performing activities without activating the Glut muscles.

But why should I have strong or shaped Gluts you ask? Read more of this post

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