Funny Fitness Fridays Episode3: When I Grow Up I Want to be a Vegetarian

Vegetarians have it rough sometimes when it comes to food choices. Without meat in the diet it’s often difficult to get enough protein in the diet to maintain muscle gains, strength and lose body fat. Although there are many great sources of protein for vegetarians, most people don’t know what those sources are. This weeks installment of Funny Fitness Friday features Jack and his son from the American fast food chain Jack in the Box. His son explains why he wants to be a vegetarian when he grows up.


The Functional Training Myth

Functional Training has its benefits and should always be integrated to a certain extent in training programs, but it should not be the bread and butter of your workout routine. The word functional in front of training simply makes the point of giving the idea that the movement that will be done somehow has a function in the person’s life.

What is a functional movement though? Is a squat or a lunge functional or traditional? Well the answer to that depends on the application and how it is explained to the person. Here are a few examples of functional movements as related to our lives. Read more of this post

Lose More Body Fat Today

We all want to have a great shaped body. Guys want six pack abs and ladies want a nice butt and legs. Do you really know how to achieve this? Well a lot of us go to the gym and workout, but what else can we do to get the fitness results that we want? My answer is simple and you don’t have to change much about your lifestyle to get a little bit more body fat loss bang for your buck!

  1. Do your exercise routine in the morning instead of planning for the evening or afternoon. Over the day excuses build up and we find any reason not to workout. By the end of a work day most people just want to go home and collapse. Wouldn’t it feel good to collapse on the sofa knowing that you already did you workout earlier that day?
  2. Do 15 to 20 minutes of cardio of after your strength training workout for the extra calorie expenditure. Those extra calories will be more likely to come from fat as your body typically depletes its initial energy stores during an intense weight training workout.
  3. Take a walk at lunch time. Don’t just sit in your office or sit at a restaurant. Pack a lunch loaded with fresh vegetables and a lean protein source and afterwards go for a walk and expend a little more energy.
  4. Take the stairs more often. Often times we have a tendency to take the escalator or the lift. It amazes me that here in Bangkok people will not only take the lift to the next floor but they will take the lift down one floor. Not only does this waste electrical energy but a few calories could have been burned along the way. Go green and walk it! Even the escalator is meant to assist you in getting where you’re going faster, so walk it as well.

These are just a few things you can do to expend more energy and lose more body fat. I’m curious to hear some of your ideas on how a person could expend more energy. Leave your comment below.

Feel free to leave your comments, questions or your own personal input in the comments section below.

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By Rich Thurman, B.Sc., MA, CSCS, CPT

Health & Performance Coach

Active Lifestyle Co. Ltd

With a degree in Physiology from UCLA and a Masters Degree in Sports & Fitness Management, Rich combines his knowledge of rehabilitation and sports performance as well as nutritional studies to provide a complete and holistic approach to training clients. The focus is on lifestyle change which creates long term health.

Active Lifestyle Rock Wall July 31, 2010

The personal trainers of Active Lifestyle don’t just talk it, we live it. I’ve heard trainers say things like, “I get about 4 or 5 hours of sleep and that’s enough for me to feel refreshed and ready to go”.  Obviously, if this is coming from your trainer or coach then you need to re-evaluate your coaching choice. If your trainer is preaching lifestyle to you, yet is a work-a-holic then think again? It’s like a doctor telling you not to smoke when they themselves smoke. We’re not saying don’t live your life, but what we are saying is that making the right choices, the healthy choices, is all in your hands.

So at Todd and I not only incorporate activity throughout our week along with our busy work schedules, but we encourage our community members to get involved and get active as well. We don’t just tell you to take time to relax, but we make time to relax ourselves. We don’t just tell you, get more sleep, but we give you tips on how to get more sleep.

Todd explaining technical skills of the wall.

So when we recommend getting active, we also show you what we do to stay active. Over the weekend we decided to go to the local rock wall in Bangkok located at The Racquet Club on Sukhumvit soi 49.

Todd was a competitive speed climber and although he’s been in Bangkok for a while he hasn’t had the chance to go climb.

I was looking for some change from my workout routine and my 5K training and so we both decided to do a little 2 man team building activity together.

It’s difficult to find active things to do here within the Bangkok city limits, but the rock wall proved to provide just the answer we needed for a Saturday afternoon.

The staff was friendly and helpful and we both found it to be an awesome afternoon. The wall was challenging but doable.

Have a look at more of our pictures here on Picasa

Men’s Health Build your own Triathlon

Are you getting bored with your workouts? Many people get bored with their workouts and end up falling off the wagon. The secret to fat loss success is keeping your workouts fresh and new. Of course there should be some routine to your workout as you want to have measurable results and strength gains. As personal trainers we create our workout routines for clients with the right amount of structure and variety, the spice of life!  Mix up your cardio sessions or add some new movements to your next training routine. It will keep you on your fat loss track.
Check out this article from Men’s Health called “Build Your Own Triathlon“. It offers some great ideas for making your workouts fun and inspiring. Good Luck!

Shake Up Your Morning with a Protein Shake

Often times my personal training clients ask me what to have for a snack. When most people think snacks, they think some form of packaged bar or worse, chips or cookies. If you’re looking to keep healthy and fit, or maybe lose body fat and trim up that waistline, then chips and cookies are out. So what to do when your eating schedule says that it’s time for a snack?

Blend up a shake!  As time is usually a factor, I prepare my shakes before work and pop them in the fridge for a mid morning boost between clients.

Here are a couple of my favorite shakes. Read more of this post

Kiwi for a Muscle Building, Fat Burning Workout

This image shows two whole and a cut green Hay...

Image via Wikipedia

These little fruits are often neglected in the diet and when I recommend to personal training clients that they should consume a variety of fruits and vegetables, I mean it! Many people limit their diet to a few different foods that they are comfortable with, but rarely do people think outside of the box and outside the norm of fruits. This brings me to this little punch packer, Kiwi.

Kiwi packs three grams of fiber at just 45 calories and a Rutgers University study named green kiwi the “most nutritionally dense” fruit. As all the vitamins and minerals are found Read more of this post

Slim and Shape those Gluts & Thighs

Are you looking to have that shapely rear view that will have jaws dropping as you walk down the sidewalk? Well, in one of my longer pieces on this subject titled “Strong Gluts for Fat Loss and Increased Performance”, I discussed the importance of strong gluts for fat loss and overall performance gains. The gluts have been shown to Read more of this post

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