Cottage Cheese Berry Blast

Photo by Rich ThurmanLooking for a high protein, high antioxidant breakfast or mid morning snack. Try this cottage cheese recipe on for size. It’s quick and easy and tastes fantastic. Packing a high protein punch, rich in cancer fighting antioxidants and low on the glycemic index. This recipe is bound to help you shed some body fat today! Check it out… Read more of this post


5 Super Foods: Asia Friendly Version

As a personal trainer in Asia it’s often difficult to find the variety of foods that we are used to in the West. Typically I am asked the question, “where can I get that here in Bangkok”, or “why don’t you recommend some foods that are more, well…Asian”. Well I guess I do live in Asia so a couple of things to consider are, 1) what types of foods are readily available in Asia and 2) What types of foods does the Asian diet consist of? Read more of this post

Fiber for a Healthy Active Lifestyle


Image by DennisSylvesterHurd via Flickr

Did you know that Fiber is a critical part of living a healthy and active lifestyle? Apart from the benefits of helping lower cholesterol levels, fiber also contributes to creating a healthy digestive system. Fiber has also been linked to fat and weight loss from what experts believe to be the link between fiber’s ability to slow the uptake of sugars, which reduces the body’s insulin response. Studies have shown insulin to be a major factor in the bodies fat storage system.

Fiber is found in both soluble (easily dissolved in water) and insoluble (unable to dissolve in water) forms and it’s important that your body gets a combination of both on a daily basis. Oats typically contain a bit of both, but a major source of insoluble fiber is Psyllium Husk a plant native of Asia. Psyllium packs a whopping 7g of fiber per 100g. It’s used in various health products but can also be found in raw form at many grocers and health food stores.

Other natural sources of fiber include fresh fruits and vegetables, beans and whole oats. So what are you waiting for? Head to the market now and load up on fiber for fat loss, increased health benefits and help bolster the results from your active lifestyle.

5 Must Have Items in your Fridge for Belly Fat Loss

What’s in Your Fridge? Part I

5 must have items for your belly fat loss mission

From my experience over the years as a personal trainer and lifestyle coach, I’ve found that often times we needn’t look any further than the refrigerator for the culprit of body fat. I’ve opened many fridges in my day and to no surprise there are things like mayonnaise, juice, prepackaged hummus and salsa…you name it. The usual excuse I get is, “but it’s low fat” or “it says it’s sugar free”.

Well, the problem with these items is that they have many more additives than your body needs. Have you ever looked at the side of a container of hummus or salsa? They are loaded with unpronounceable words and things that don’t seem fit for a simple mixture of vegetables and herbs. So the first step to losing that belly fat is a quick makeover of your fridge and we’ll start with these five items. Read more of this post

Black foods, the color of nutritional health

Blackberries in containers, 2008.

Image via Wikipedia

When we consume food, we rarely take into account the colors of the food product and how the variety in color translates into a variety of health benefits. We have been encouraged for years to consume a colorful variety of food in order to insure consumption of a wide range of vitamins and minerals. So what about black colored foods?

Black colored foods have been around for centuries and research is now showing a tremendous benefit from foods such as Black Beans, Black Rice, Black Vinegar, etc.

Here are a some examples of black foods and their benefits… Read more of this post

Rich’s Fresh Mango Salsa

Mango Salsa created by Rich Thurman

Summertime is hot so this month you can refresh your palate with my cool new recipe. Salsa means mixture and as a Salsa dancer living in Southeast Asia; I have seen the Asian cultural fusion on the dance floor with Latin rhythms creating a unique style of its own. What better way to bring attention and honor this than with my Mango Salsa creation? Salsa means mixture and this month we combine the sweet flavor of Southeast Asia with a spicy kick of Latin America.

I’ve been dancing Salsa now for nearly three years and I began while living in Thailand. It was a great alternative to many of the other night time indulgences that many foreigners in Bangkok partake. I found that Read more of this post

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