Healthy Juice Recipe

I received a gift from a client a couple of weeks ago and I thought it was wonderful. I’m always making fruit shakes and things like that so it was a very thoughtful gift. It was a little book by Tarla Dalal called Health Juices for Daily Use.  The book has tons of recipes for healthy juices that you can either make with a blender or a juicer. I’m used to making juices with my blender so I was going to make an attempt at a few of the juices using the blender until just a few days ago another client brought a juicer that she no longer had use for as she would be moving back to the United States. The timing couldn’t be any more impeccable.  So I popped open the book and found a recipe in the section titled Cleansing Juices and found an interesting one called Minty Morning.

This juice is quite simple and only contains two ingredients; oranges and mint leaves. Dalal’s book says that…

“Oranges boost overall resistance and also stimulate the salivary glands thus aiding digestion. Mint on the other hand is rich in iron and vitamin C. It is also the best digestive and cooling herb. By combining the health-giving properties of oranges with mint;  this juice makes for a powerful cleanser”

Check out the recipe.


4 medium sized oranges, peeled and separated into segments

8-10 sprigs of mint with leaves roughly chopped

For more of this recipe check out Tarla Dalal’s book Healthy Juices for Daily Use.


Cottage Cheese Berry Blast

Photo by Rich ThurmanLooking for a high protein, high antioxidant breakfast or mid morning snack. Try this cottage cheese recipe on for size. It’s quick and easy and tastes fantastic. Packing a high protein punch, rich in cancer fighting antioxidants and low on the glycemic index. This recipe is bound to help you shed some body fat today! Check it out… Read more of this post

Pomegranate Salad Recipe

Hey guys, I stumbled across an awesome website called Pom Wondeful while looking for more Asia friendly recipes. Pomegranates are prominent throughout Asia and they have many benefits to health.  Pomegranates are said to have 3 to 7 times the amount of antioxidants as green tea. Studies have also shown that they help fight and protect against certain forms of cancer.

Have a look at this cool salad recipe by Susan Bowerman. Read more of this post

The Lifestyle Tree: Part I

Life is truly an amazing thing. We have been granted a life, a vehicle to transport our life’s spirit, and given free rein to do whatever we choose to do within our lifetime. Many of us use phrases like, “live life to the fullest” or “you only live once”, but we typically use those terms when viewing life from what in my opinion seems to be a negative perspective instead of the positive.

We use phrases like those to justify our reckless behavioral patterns when it comes to all aspects of our health. We use them to justify our smoking habit, our drinking habits, our sleeping habits and our working habits. When we indulge heavily in the richness of food and the poison of alcohol or we suffer from lack of sleep for work or even play, we are essentially wearing down our body. I hear people ask the question why should I eat healthy, live healthy when I could die tomorrow. Well that’s a fairly pessimistic and bleak way of looking at your life and a person who thinks in this way should take a moment to sit down and examine their life a little deeper.

I look at life as Read more of this post

Rich’s Quinoa Porridge

Looking for something new to do with your Quinoa? Try  Quinoa porridge for a great breakfast or mid morning meal.  It tastes awesome and is packed with fiber, protein and all the essential fat your body needs to help you, build muscle, maintain a healthy heart and fit lifestyle. Read more of this post

Reshma’s Spinach Yogurt Dip

In response to the article, “Skinny Dipping; A few Healthy Dip Ideas” I wrote about a three dip ideas with high nutritional value. Well, I encourage people to interact as they may find their information published and broadcast to the wider audience. One of my personal training clients who happens to be a vegetarian emailed me her dip creation. If you’re looking for something unique and different than the norm, try this dip on for size.

Rich’s Fresh Mango Salsa

Mango Salsa created by Rich Thurman

Summertime is hot so this month you can refresh your palate with my cool new recipe. Salsa means mixture and as a Salsa dancer living in Southeast Asia; I have seen the Asian cultural fusion on the dance floor with Latin rhythms creating a unique style of its own. What better way to bring attention and honor this than with my Mango Salsa creation? Salsa means mixture and this month we combine the sweet flavor of Southeast Asia with a spicy kick of Latin America.

I’ve been dancing Salsa now for nearly three years and I began while living in Thailand. It was a great alternative to many of the other night time indulgences that many foreigners in Bangkok partake. I found that Read more of this post

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