From Flab to Fit

There are a lot of contributors to the Active Lifestyle community.  I wanted to highlight a good friend and one of our contributors  fat loss journey.   She has shared her musings and experience with readers and I think it’s great for those seeking change to find real people who have changed their life and lifestyle.  As a personal trainer, I always recommend that my clients find a role model to pattern themselves after. Everyone’s goals are different but we can find inspirations all around us. Have a look at Linda’s Fat Loss Journey “From Flab to Fab”


Nutritional Value; Comparing Quinoa, Wheat & Rice

According to studies Quinoa has comparable levels of amino acids to wheat, soy and skim milk. Quinoa however contains an amino acid, lysine which normally isn’t found in vegetable proteins. Lysine is typically found in meat, fish and eggs. Have a look at the table below that shows comparable levels of essential amino acids between wheat and Quinoa; however Quinoa does not contain the gluten usually found within breads. Read more of this post

Increase Fiber for Fat Loss


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So you’ve been working out at the gym for months now; you’ve increased your protein intake and you’ve been doing cardio like a madman or woman, but you’re still not getting the fat loss results that you desire. This is happening to countless people around the world as they strive for that dream body and those six pack abs. As a personal trainer living in Bangkok I can’t tell you how many people tell me that they want to lose inches around their midsection, get rid of their man boobs or lose those cottage cheese thighs, but never take the time to look a bit closer at their diet. As they say, you can’t always have the cake, eat it too and expect to look like an abs model.

You see, exercise alone will never get you the fat loss results you desire. It is only through Read more of this post

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