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As schools around the world begin to change direction and International Baccalaureate programs begin to switch the focus solely towards academics over physical education, children are being conditioned to live a more sedentary and stressful lifestyle. The right prescription of physical education and exercise may not only increase a child’s ability to cope with stress, but in the long run gives children a solid lifestyle foundation for their future.

I was recently training one of my teenage team members who happens to be a student at the International School of Bangkok (ISB), and Read more of this post


Obesity in Asia Part II; Global Solutions


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We all know that the globalization of food and general western ideas is spreading across the world from Africa to South America and Asia. Here in Asia I have watched as numerous fast food companies have developed strong footing in the region, the latest company being Krispy Kreme Donuts which just opened a brand new location in Bangkok’s most famous shopping mega-complex Siam Paragon. The march is on by the fast food giants and they are selling the world on early onset of diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity.

The rapid growth of wealth and prosperity in this region coupled with a lack of health initiatives and educational programs has allowed the quick injection of these companies along with their marketing genius.  The kids are recognizably fatter than before. Many long term expatriates have said that they can clearly see the difference in size of Thai people today versus 10 years ago or even 20 years ago. In general the world as a whole lacks proper educational programs and funding to combat the spread of this global phenomenon. Read more of this post

From Flab to Fit

There are a lot of contributors to the Active Lifestyle community.  I wanted to highlight a good friend and one of our contributors  fat loss journey.   She has shared her musings and experience with readers and I think it’s great for those seeking change to find real people who have changed their life and lifestyle.  As a personal trainer, I always recommend that my clients find a role model to pattern themselves after. Everyone’s goals are different but we can find inspirations all around us. Have a look at Linda’s Fat Loss Journey “From Flab to Fab”

Bangkok Personal Trainer recruits Health Habits against BKK Fatty et. al.

I must say that I’ve been following this thread on twitter and there are some awesome tidbits about health and fitness. Daily I find loads of useful information from Health Habits so I just wanted to share this resource with the rest of you. In the constant struggle against the Fat friendly crew of of BKKFatty and their “no leftovers team” it was necessary to enlist the support of another health giant. Check out some of these posts from Health Habits.

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Obesity Growing in AsiaPart 1; A Global Problem

Obesity Campaign Poster

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Have you ever had your body fat tested? Do you realize that just because you’re small or because you’re smaller than most people and look slim that you still may have unhealthy levels of body fat?

I live in Asia so it’s only right that I discuss the issues facing my country of residence. I have not forgotten my American roots, but the epidemic that was once only an American issue is now a pandemic. Obesity is on the rise globally and where there’s an inferno blazing out of control in the United States, Asia is smoking. But where there is smoke there is fire right? Read more of this post

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