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Say goodbye to Starbucks in the morning and hello to a Mocha Protein Shake. I typically advocate against coffees for people because like any addiction caffeine should be monitored. You should be able to derive all the energy you need from other sources. Sure if you’re having the regular black coffee from time to time at Starbucks you should be fine, but most people are downing some form of frapuccino  or Latte with loads of useless calories and sugar and zero nutritional value. Scrap that plan and get yourself a high protein start to the morning. Don’t be afraid of the fat from the milk and peanut butter either because they’ll help keep you full longer. The banana is loaded with potassium and acts as a natural sweetener. Don’t forget the protein powder punch to cap it off for those essential building blocks your body needs to add lean muscle and burn fat.

Try this on for size

Mocha Protein Shake

Ice Cubes

1 Cup Whole or Low Fat Milk

1/3 Cup Coffee

1 Tbsp Natural Peanut Butter

1 Banana

1 Scoop Chocolate Whey Protein

By Rich Thurman, B.Sc., MA, CSCS, CPT

Health & Performance Coach

Active Lifestyle Co. Ltd

With a degree in Physiology from UCLA and a Masters Degree in Sports & Fitness Management, Rich combines his knowledge of rehabilitation and sports performance as well as nutritional studies to provide a complete and holistic approach to training clients. The focus is on lifestyle change which creates long term health.



10 Great Foods to Help You Gain Muscle

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It’s not easy to add muscle to your frame. For some men it can be a challenge. For women it’s very difficult and is one reason why women should not be afraid to lift weights. With all that said, let’s get down to the point of it all. You want to put on some muscle, but don’t know where to start. Well first of all, make sure you ask people who have experience with putting on muscle naturally. Obviously there are guys walking around that have taken banned substances and they’ll tell you how easy it is to pack on a little muscle. Wrong! Muscle takes time to grow and needs the proper care and nurture when doing it naturally.

So we have 10 tips to help you pack on more muscle. Read more of this post

How to Make Raw Almond Milk

Making Fresh Almond Milk

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For vegetarians, vegans, or any of the health conscious folks out there, this one is for you. Almonds provide protein and essential fats and finding things to do with them can be difficult. Almond Milk is a great way to enjoy the smooth taste of almonds in a liquid form. Check out this recipe for a tasty, refreshing drink. Read more of this post

Dangers of Soy Products

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They say soy is good for you but there are two sides to every coin. Soy has been marketed to us as this healthy product with a great source of protein. In particular for women and vegetarians soy has been touted as a great alternative to cow’s milk. However, some people tend to disagree with this notion and based on the information that I have read and researched I tend to lean against soy products as well. In the end you are the master of your own destiny. I encourage you however to consider looking deeper into your health choices.

The following are quoted bits of a nexus article from Third international Soy Symposium. Soy Contains: Read more of this post

Increase Fiber for Fat Loss (via Bangkok Personal Trainer)

If you missed this post you may want to look back and have a look at how fiber impacts fat loss. Most people don’t consume enough fiber each day and as a result are not only subject to an increase in body fat, but an increased risk of cancer and heart disease.

So you’ve been working out at the gym for months now; you’ve increased your protein intake and you’ve been doing cardio like a madman or woman, but you’re still not getting the fat loss results that you desire. This is happening to countless people around the world as they strive for that dream body and those six pack abs. As a personal trainer living in Bangkok I can’t tell you how many people tell me that they want to lose inches around their m … Read More

via Bangkok Personal Trainer

Why You Should Choose Cottage Cheese over Cream Cheese?

Cottage cheese & olive tomato-based sauce for ...

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Why choose cottage cheese over cream cheese you ask? Well I’ve put together the chart below to show you the clear differences between the two. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a world of difference in our goals to lose body fat or maintain weight. As a Health & Performance Coach it is my job to find solutions. Read more of this post

Almond Milk Shake

Here’s a delicious way to start the morning or a great idea for a mid morning snack. Almonds are loaded with monounsaturated fats which have been shown to reduce the risk of certain cancers, reduce cholesterol levels, lower risks of heart disease and stroke, contribute to weight loss and reduce the elusive belly fat among other things. Almonds are also a great source of protein. Check out this simple recipe. Read more of this post

Spice Up Your Green Tea

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So you don’t really like the taste of Green Tea but you’ve heard about all the health benefits it provides. Well here are a couple of ideas to help you spice up your Green Tea flavor and have you enjoying all the health benefits in no time.

I live in the hot city of Bangkok where having hot drinks just sounds unpleasant. Not to fear! We’ve got an ice cold solution for you. You’ve just come home from a visit with your personal trainer, where he seems to have put you through his own personal Boot Camp and you’re exhausted. Try a cup of iced green tea with a little bit of cinnamon and a dash of lemon to add that extra kick. It’s quite refreshing and delicious and is sure to hit the spot.

Wondering what to have before you hit the gym for some training? Food is often too heavy and your body will spend too much energy for the process of digestion when you really need it to focus blood flow to your muscles and extremities. So try having a pre workout shake with a few fruits, your favorite protein powder and use iced Green Tea as the liquid base. My personal favorite is vanilla protein powder, green tea, a teaspoon of honey and cinnamon; however you can mix whatever you like. The key is to experiment and have fun.

So there you have It folks; just a couple wonderful ideas to assist you along your path to a happy and healthy lifestyle. Drink up!

Please leave questions and comments in the area below. I love to engage with readers and your input is valued highly.

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By Rich Thurman, B.Sc., MA, CSCS, CPT

Health & Performance Coach

Active Lifestyle Co. Ltd

With a degree in Physiology from UCLA and a Masters Degree in Sports & Fitness Management, Rich combines his knowledge of rehabilitation and sports performance as well as nutritional studies to provide a complete and holistic approach to training clients. The focus is on lifestyle change which creates long term health.

3 Things to Help You Burn More Body Fat

These children, playing in a public space, var...

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Well burning belly fat is going to be difficult any way you slice it. I’m not going to sit here and lie to you about that. The thing about fat is, we have no choice on where fat is removed from our body unless we’re using a scalpel.  So we want to teach our body as best we can to burn a higher amount of fat overall. When your body burns an overall higher level of fat, chances are you’re hitting the belly too. Here are a few things that are a must for anyone trying to lose body fat. Read more of this post

Protein Sources for Vegetarians Trying to Lose Body Fat

As a personal trainer and fitness coach, there are a wide variety of clients with different cultural eating habits and choice habits that we come into contact with. I have a fair bit of Indian clients and due to certain religious practices, many are vegetarian; Not only that, but often times eggs are even ruled out as a part of the diet. So what do I recommend as a source of protein to this type of personal training client when they’ve just taken on an exercise regimen that has food limitations or restrictions?

There are many sources of protein available for vegetarians who do not consume eggs if you know where to look. A few Good sources of protein for vegetarians are Read more of this post

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