Whole Grains; Can I Eat them Daily?

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Pertaining to Fat Loss:

Drinking Beer = Bad

Drinking Low Carb Beer = Less Bad?

Just a followup on my previous assault on whole grains. I wanted to tackle the topic a little bit more because the topic of something being “not as bad” for you has come up. Honestly, I try not to live in a realm of “not as bad” when it comes to my health. I mean smoking a pack of cigarettes per day is bad, but should you consider smoking half a pack per day to be “not as bad”. Well in the grand scheme of things you would think that it’s not as bad, but the point is that it’s still harmful. Read more of this post


Do You Think Whole Grains Help You Lose Fat? Think Again

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A lot of people are being misled into believing that eating whole grains will somehow help them lose body fat or lose weight and it’s not our fault. We are bombarded with information, but never clearly educated on our health and nutrition. We are drowned in key words and catch phrases and never really told the truth.

A friend of mine once told me that “words are his tools”.  This is because he is an attorney and yes words are his tools, but we often forget, words are the tools of marketers, writers and politicians.  Writers are using words to get the reader to go down the rabbit whole of the author or company backer’s choice.  A company I used to work for often told people that they need to eat more whole grains, oats and rye bread, but what’s the difference? These are all carbohydrates. Yes, sure they have more fiber, but they are still carbohydrates. Read more of this post

4 Reasons to Choose Quinoa over Rice

What is Quinoa you ask? Quinoa pronounced (keen’ -wah) is known as the “Mother OF All Grains” to the Incas and originated in the Andean region of South America. It is head and tails above all grains and can support your healthy nutritional plan providing loads of essential vitamins and nutrients. Here are four reasons to choose Quinoa over Rice. Read more of this post

Rice; To Eat or Not to Eat?

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Many of my personal training clients ask me can they eat rice. Of course you know my answer is no. But why do we tell our clients to steer clear of rice? Well, if we look at plain white rice and break it down as to its value to our body, we will see that it has very little value besides making us temporarily full. Read more of this post

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