My Active Weekend Episode 1

My Active weekend began with some 5K interval training on Saturday and  ended with a Sunday of Salsa.  Dancing is a great way to be productive and remain active, burn some extra calories, while socializing and making new friends.  A few hours of Salsa dancing is fun and it really gets the heart rate going. It’s exercise without feeling like you’re exercising. Not only that it challenges your mind to learn new things, new patterns of movement and also frees your mind to be creative while expressing your emotion. Check out the video below.


Top 10 Weight Loss Tips from Personal Trainer Rich Thurman

Hey guys, back again with some tips for weight loss. I don’t like to use weight loss so much these days, but people still like to hear the word. It seems to make people happy to say they lost weight. I typically say it’s not about the quantity of weight but the quality of it. If you maintain your weight but add lean mass and lose body fat then most likely your clothes will be fitting better. Dress size is a better indicator for most people. Anyhow, for all you weight loss junkies out there. Here are my top 10 tips for weight loss. Read more of this post

Rich’s Mango Salsa: The Recipe

Mango Salsa created by Rich Thurman

Ok guys…looking back over the past couple of weeks it seems to me that all the rage is surrounding Mango Salsa.  There have been a few requests for the recipe. Notice that there are no measurements. Remember that Salsa is what you make of it. We all get the basics and we are free to bring our own style and flavor to the table, so without further ado here it is. Read more of this post

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