My Active Weekend Episode 2

My Active weekend of August 21st began Saturday on the Rock Wall of the Racquet Club on Sukhumvit Soi 49. We had a blast as a great group of people showed up to participate. The weekend was topped off with Salsa on Saturday night followed by Sunday afternoon at Elefin Cafe in Bangkok for some hot and steamy Bachata dancing with my gorgeous new Korean friend who was just in town for the weekend (Bachata is my first love). I must take a trip back to Korea as there seems to be a lot of great Latin dancers there. Although it doesn’t compare to the choreographed “Sensual Bachata” check out the link below to watch my hot social Bachata dance. The heat from watching it alone should be enough to help you burn some extra calories today.


My Active Weekend Episode 1

My Active weekend began with some 5K interval training on Saturday and  ended with a Sunday of Salsa.  Dancing is a great way to be productive and remain active, burn some extra calories, while socializing and making new friends.  A few hours of Salsa dancing is fun and it really gets the heart rate going. It’s exercise without feeling like you’re exercising. Not only that it challenges your mind to learn new things, new patterns of movement and also frees your mind to be creative while expressing your emotion. Check out the video below.

Rich’s Mango Salsa: The Recipe

Mango Salsa created by Rich Thurman

Ok guys…looking back over the past couple of weeks it seems to me that all the rage is surrounding Mango Salsa.  There have been a few requests for the recipe. Notice that there are no measurements. Remember that Salsa is what you make of it. We all get the basics and we are free to bring our own style and flavor to the table, so without further ado here it is. Read more of this post

Skinny Dipping; A Few Healthy Dip Ideas

Do you find yourself sitting in front of vegetables wondering just what to do with them? I mean your personal trainer tells you that you should be eating many more vegetables than you are but you just don’t know how you’re going to get all those veggies in your tummy. What to do?

Well raw vegetables don’t have to be so bad. You can make them taste better quite easily with a little dip. Read more of this post

Rich’s Fresh Mango Salsa

Mango Salsa created by Rich Thurman

Summertime is hot so this month you can refresh your palate with my cool new recipe. Salsa means mixture and as a Salsa dancer living in Southeast Asia; I have seen the Asian cultural fusion on the dance floor with Latin rhythms creating a unique style of its own. What better way to bring attention and honor this than with my Mango Salsa creation? Salsa means mixture and this month we combine the sweet flavor of Southeast Asia with a spicy kick of Latin America.

I’ve been dancing Salsa now for nearly three years and I began while living in Thailand. It was a great alternative to many of the other night time indulgences that many foreigners in Bangkok partake. I found that Read more of this post

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