Butt Exercises Slideshow: Workout Techniques for Slim and Shapely Glutes

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Who doesn’t want to have a nicely shaped backside? With a little work you can get that shape you want, stay fit and firm, and fit into those tight jeans.  In my article Strong Glutes for Fat Los & Performance I talk about how important the glutes are to sports performance and athletics, but the glutes, when shaped and toned accentuate the curves of the body and enhance the physique.

Of course squats are still my number one recommendation for those of you trying to enhance this feature, but check out these 22 techniques to slim and shape your glutes. Your choice. Earn it with exercise or take the easy way out with padding, but remember padding doesn’t work on the beach among other places…

Butt Exercises Slideshow: Workout Techniques for Slim and Shapely Glutes.


Burn More Calories, Lose More Fat

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So you’re interested in burning losing more body fat? Well we can all agree that your nutritional intake is going to play a major role in your fat loss, but in order to sustain long term fat loss you’ve got to burn the calories and build muscle. The problem is that most people spend very little time being active enough to burn some extra calories during the day. Just 30 minutes a few times a week has been shown to have significant impact, but what you do during that 30 minutes matters big time!

Here’s a few calorie burning stats from Men’s Health with my personal spin. These activities have been assigned a calorie count per hour based on a 180lb male. Here we go…

Of course you could sit at your desk for an hour and burn 147 calories. Now that’s low. Get out of that chair and move around a bit during that hour and increase your calorie expenditure at work.

You could Golf and burn 368 Calories per hour. I’m sure this includes walking from hole to hole. Come on guys, it’s a sport so use those legs.

You’re gonna love this one. Having sex apparently burns 160 Calories per hour. A couple points I have to make here. 1) Sitting at the desk burns 147 calories so I’m assuming this guy is just laying there. 2) How many guys go for an hour straight? If so, I think the caloric output would be a lot higher. Just my opinion.

Strength training would burn about 655 calories per hour. Definitely depends on your strength training session. We’re not talking about a leisurely lift or two with a 5 minute chat and a 10 minute stare at the girls on the treadmill guys!

Running up stairs burns about 1221 calories per hour. Who can run stairs for an hour? Well that’s not the point. If you divide that hour by 4 and get 15 minutes you would burn approximately 300 calories in 15 minutes. That’s a lot. I’m going to question Men’s Health on that one.

Whatever you do, get more active and burn more calories. The more activity the better and the greater the intensity, challenge or muscle groups involved the higher the caloric expense. So get after it and lose that body fat!

10 Tips to Lose Weight this Month

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Losing weight is tough to do, but your weight loss mission should not just be about the weight itself. You should be thinking about the quality of weight loss. Losing muscle weight is no good and will only set you up for a yo-yo back to your original weight. The goal is to lose fat weight and maintain muscle at the same time, but how can you do this? Have a look at 10 Tips that can help you lose quality weight this month! Read more of this post

Cardio Workouts: Is your cardio workout effective?

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Oh the monotony of it all; the continuous drudgery of the elliptical machine or the treadmill. A resounding sound of the audience booing is typically what comes to my mind when I think of these pieces of equipment. I often hear someone talking about the hour they spend on the treadmill or even worse the 2 hours they spend on a combination of treadmills, elliptical machines and bikes. Sheesh…This is nearly as bad as the Chinese water torture. The truth is you don’t need to spend an hour doing cardio. As a matter of fact an hour is all you should ever spend in the gym from start to finish.

A proper workout consists of Read more of this post

Rich’s Training Log 1

This week I’m setting out to work on my overall strength. Sometimes you have to sacrifice one thing for another and when training for strength you have to set aside the idea of fat lossand not even consider weight. As long as you’re eating healthy any weight you add will probably be good lean weight during this type of phase. Sometimes people don’t have the patience for actual strength training, but if you’ve ever trained for strength you know that you have to allow decent rest periods.

Some personal trainers will constantly keep you on the go, preaching weight loss, fat loss and the only way to get the results that you want is through high intensity training, but the body needs to go through multiple phases in order to achieve good results. As I mentioned in my article about whole grains, cycles in nature required humans to eat a certain way during certain times of year. On the same token, the body must go through cycles or phases not only to keep it off balance and constantly guessing, but also to keep it growing and stimulated in different ways. Read more of this post

Lose More Body Fat Today

We all want to have a great shaped body. Guys want six pack abs and ladies want a nice butt and legs. Do you really know how to achieve this? Well a lot of us go to the gym and workout, but what else can we do to get the fitness results that we want? My answer is simple and you don’t have to change much about your lifestyle to get a little bit more body fat loss bang for your buck!

  1. Do your exercise routine in the morning instead of planning for the evening or afternoon. Over the day excuses build up and we find any reason not to workout. By the end of a work day most people just want to go home and collapse. Wouldn’t it feel good to collapse on the sofa knowing that you already did you workout earlier that day?
  2. Do 15 to 20 minutes of cardio of after your strength training workout for the extra calorie expenditure. Those extra calories will be more likely to come from fat as your body typically depletes its initial energy stores during an intense weight training workout.
  3. Take a walk at lunch time. Don’t just sit in your office or sit at a restaurant. Pack a lunch loaded with fresh vegetables and a lean protein source and afterwards go for a walk and expend a little more energy.
  4. Take the stairs more often. Often times we have a tendency to take the escalator or the lift. It amazes me that here in Bangkok people will not only take the lift to the next floor but they will take the lift down one floor. Not only does this waste electrical energy but a few calories could have been burned along the way. Go green and walk it! Even the escalator is meant to assist you in getting where you’re going faster, so walk it as well.

These are just a few things you can do to expend more energy and lose more body fat. I’m curious to hear some of your ideas on how a person could expend more energy. Leave your comment below.

Feel free to leave your comments, questions or your own personal input in the comments section below.

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By Rich Thurman, B.Sc., MA, CSCS, CPT

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