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Welcome to the Bangkok Personal Trainer, Bangkok’s number one resource for health, fitness and personal training information. This blog is brought to you by Active Lifestyle which is Bangkok’s most complete personal training, health and fitness company. By focusing on a holistic approach to health, including nutrition, exercise and lifestyle management strategies.  We provide everything you need to reach your health, fitness, fat loss and weight loss goals from personal training and group fitness training for everyone from the stay at home spouse or busy executive; the golfer,  the youth athlete or weekend warrior as well as corporate health programs to increase your company’s productivity. Whatever it is we’ve got the solution for you. Subscribe and stay up to date with the latest nutritional information, fitness and recipe ideas and training advice.

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Active Lifestyle in Ploenchit

Small and Private

Active Lifestyle is relocating to the Ploenchit area to a nice new location to provide  its clientele with the right mix of convenience and privacy. Located just at the foot of the Ploenchit BTS station near Mahatun Plaza you will find FIT studio near the popular Pilates Studio. The studio is complete with Kettlebells, official TRX, Bosu Balls, Chains and Bands, as well as traditional weights for diverse and fun workouts.  Give us a call to schedule a small tour, consultation and FREE health assessment. 084.656.9800. Looking forward to seeing you.

Heavy Dumbellsment.

Kettle Bell Training

TRX Training and Group Training

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