“Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks so much for everything you’ve done for me, for the last three days I have been totally pain free, it might not seem like much, three days………….but when you’ve had constant pain in your knees and hips for well over a year what I’m experiencing now is remarkable, no dull aches, no twinges going up and down stairs, and just generally over all a million times better, also………usually with my period I have extreme lower back ache that lasts for hours and days, some days I can barely stand or bend over, and this time around…….. nothing, absolutely nothing, you can’t imagine how happy this makes me, anway just wanted to say thanks so much!!!! You’re both worth your weight in gold.
lots and lots of love for you both.”
Charlotte Daniels, Bangkok Thailand (2009 – current)

“My wife and I have been training with Richard for over 10 months now and we have seen all round progress on weight loss (as I’ve lost nearly 25 pounds), inches, and increase in stamina and strength. Richard and Todd are great coaches and have a customized plan and system to work out for each of us. We are positive and confident to get to our personal goals. Thanks so much”

Tejas Mehta (Cadbury/Kraft) & Reshma Mehta Bangkok, Thailand (2010 – Current)

“Todd and Rich are probably the finest in their business, Rich initially helped me with my strength training until recently, Todd joined a few months later to concentrate more on Golf fitness. I’ve been extremely motivated by both their commitments towards me and my total fitness.

A year has past, I am 35 pounds lighter, firmer and hitting the ball 15 yards further and straighter. A big THANK YOU to team Active lifestyle!!”

Victor Gulati, Rajawongse Clothier

Bangkok, Thailand (2009 – current)

I do whole hardily believe in what Rich Thurman has to offer.    I have not only lost weight, but I feel great.    It has all been through proper exercise and eating correctly not necessarily dieting.    I enjoy my private sessions so much with both Rich and Todd that I never miss them.    They are one of my highlights of the day.

Wendy Trott Bangkok, Thailand 2009 – Current

Rich was my fitness coach for about 9 months from Oct 2009 to July 2010.  When he started training me, I was at my heaviest weight at 63 kg, my clothes would no longer fit me, and I was feeling weak and lethargic.

With the combination of workouts to boost my strength and the proper diet/nutrition which Rich planned out for me, my energy level dramatically increased and my weight significantly decreased…already I felt the difference even on the first month.

Now I have kept my weight down at 55 kg – I feel much lighter, healthier…and sexier, too!  Rich is the best fitness coach I’ve met so far!

Jean Thanisslanon  Bangkok, Thailand 2009 -20010

I worked with Rich Thurman for approximately one year. My goals during this time were to tone up by replacing fat with lean muscle, to improve my coordination and energy levels, and to deal with a back problem through physical means rather than by taking medication. Rich devoted time and energy to personalizing my training sessions to suit my specific needs; he quickly learned my strengths and weaknesses, and devised an ever changes series of exercises to keep me engaged, enthusiatic, and progressing towards achievement of my training goals.

As a result of his efforts, over the course of a year my body fat percentage dropped from 28% to 22%; my overall fitness and energy levels soared; and my neurologist was amazed to see that I was able to manage my back problems through building muscle strength and doing regular exercises which minimized the pain. Although I have left Thailand, on a daily basis I still do the exercises and apply the fitness principles that Rich taught me, and have been able to maintain my weight and general fitness levels thereby. Rich takes a holistic approach to fitness — you have to apply both your mind and your body to the effort, and the content of your intake matters as much — if not more — than the energy you expend to get fit. This was an approach that was easy for me to follow, and which has paid, and will continue to pay, long term dividends!

Sheila Flynn US Embassy Bangkok (2009 -2010)

I am Marcus Mohr and I am 18 years of age.  Approximately 4 years ago I decided that I wanted to pursue a career as a professional golfer. In order to achieve the necessary standard one of my goals has to be to achieve a very high level of personal fitness.

In early 2009 I was advised by my professional golf instructor/mentor Mr Sean Bailey PGA Professional to contact Todd Thornbery  in order to improve my overall fitness.

I did contact Todd and as a result I have attended his golf training establishment for personal golf fitness instruction on a weekly basis.  I can say without question that the tuition and dietary advice that Todd has given me has made a tremendous improvement in my overall strength,  physical fitness and stability.  His workout and exercises are thorough and demanding.  His premises are equipped to a high standard with state of the art equipment and facilities.  He is clearly a very professional person and this is demonstrated in his attention to detail during my visits to his premises.  He has also shown me the benefits of a sound dietary lifestyle.  My physic has altered for the better in the few months I have been seeing Todd and I intend to continue attending his establishment for the foreseeable future.

I have recommended Todd  to several of my golfing associates one of whom is now a client of his and he has also had positive results.

I have become a better physically developed golfer in the relatively short period I have been working with Todd.  I have no reservations in recommending any person who seeks to become fitter and healthier in their way of life to contact Todd.

Marcus Mohr – Chester, UK (2009)

“Rich’s extensive physiotherapy knowledge and passion for total body fitness was the perfect combination to assist me with my chronic back problems. In a short time I was pain free and had better mobility. Rich gradually increased the difficulty level while challenging me to reach my body’s full potential. With Rich, you are in capable and caring hands.”
-Christine Gamarra
I met Rich a year after I had my second child.  Being overweight in the sweltering heat of Bangkok was difficult for me. I had two kids sixteen months apart and I was lugging around an extra 10 kg which I wanted to shed.  Rich taught me about diet and exercise. We discussed my work habits and how I should have more breaks from my desk and avoid being sedentary.  Rich was always helpful sending me articles about nutrition, exercise and how to have more activities in my life.  I have now shed the weight and am feeling more fit so I can be more active with my children.  Thanks Rich for your support and persistence!
(Nui) Pacharee Pantoomano-Pfirsch (2009)
Staying in shape is something everyone struggles with and sometimes, we need that little extra push to get us going and keep going.  Rich Thurman is more than willing to give you that push you need.  As a personal trainer, Rich is dedicated to working with his clients to reach their goals.  Be it weight-loss, toning or overall health, he has the skills needed.  He is trained to work with you in resistance training, can establish a cardio regime to fit your skills and can help you balance your diet in a way that keeps you healthy and happy.  I had the opportunity to work with Rich for almost a year and saw great results.  If you need that little helping hand to push you in the right fitness direction, Rich is your man.
Jessica Henson –American Embassy Bangkok (2009)

In 2009,  I had had the opportunity to work with Richard Thurman for approximately over 6months at another fitness facility.  During our first session, I could tell Richard was very dedicated to the art and science of exercise.  Richard has the education, mentality and personality required to be a great personal fitness trainer.  His well-rounded approach to fitness and nutrition will inspire you to commit to exercising and eating right.  Also, on a personal note, Richard has always been very thoughtful, patient and respectful during each and every session. The workout sessions at times can be tough, but the results have definitely been worth the sweat and effort.  I highly recommend Richard Thurman as a personal trainer, but don’t just take my word.  Call Richard today and request a personal consultation that may improve your well being.

Rene Woodson-American Embassy Bangkok (2009)

“Rich Thurman rocks! He is the best trainer I have ever worked with. He takes his work seriously while making every workout fun and pleasurable. His coaching encourages you to work hard and believe in ones self.  His extensive knowledge of the body, nutrition and health allows him to personalize and tailor every workout. He brings something new to every session making the workouts unique and different each and every time. Working out with Rich is a magical journey that explores ones physical and mental abilities to create the health and well-being of ones body, mind and soul. My body has never felt stronger, healthier and looked so good.”

-Margaret Silverman

Orinda, California (2004 -2006)

My name is Jamie Bream and Im now on the Welsh Alpine Ski Team. I started training with Todd at the start of October and he got me through my Ski Team fitness assessments within a very short time. He did the relevant assessments on me, and that highlighted several areas which needed working on. I know that my body is functioning better, and feel carrying on with Todd, my fitness levels are going to increase more than ever.

Todd’s knowledge, personality and experience has really given me the confidence that my performance will improve so much more, cheers Todd, I wouldn’t have done it without you.

Jamie Bream (2008)

My husband, Dave, has suffered from ME for a number of years, which has rendered him virtually wheelchair bound, as far as mobility is concerned. Consequently, I have had to push him in his wheelchair whenever we went out. This has resulted in me having very rounded shoulders and suffering from a variety of neck, shoulder and lower back pains.

Todd’s exercise programme has achieved a major improvement in my posture, and now, I rarely suffer from neck or lower back pain. I am also improving the strength in my arms, shoulders and back through the use of light weights but targeted exercises. I can speak highly of the personal attention that Todd has shown, and of the results that he has achieved.

A. Denham, in May 2007

“Rich was my personal trainer for three years, and I couldn’t have been happier with my experience or with the results. He is very personable but doesn’t let that get in the way of telling you what you need to do. I recommend him highly to anyone!”

Sara Ramseyer Klein

Oakland, California (2003-2006)


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